A Stylist’s Guide to Hair Dusting


A Stylist’s Guide to Hair Dusting

Listen, we have all been there. You go in for a trim just to keep your hair healthy and vibrant, and you walk out with shorter hair than you expected. But what if there was a way to trim a client’s hair without losing its length? This article is a stylist’s guide to hair dusting.


Many people have hair trauma from past experiences from hair appointments gone wrong. Most of the negative experiences come from having the hair cut too short. And, ultimately, clients should trust that hairstylists have their best interest and hair length at heart, but it’s easier said than done. Luckily, this guide will help you make your client feel more at ease and trust your expertise when it comes to keeping their hair healthy and long!

As a stylist, you may have clients who come to you that ask you not to cut their hair — even if the hair needs it. And while you may obey their wishes, deep down, you know it’s in the client’s best interest to trim the hair regularly. But how do you convince a client to let you trim off the dead ends to keep the hair feeling healthy and keep it growing? We may have an idea!

Have you ever heard of hair dusting?


What Is Hair Dusting?

Hair dusting is a hair cutting method that allows you to trim off the dead ends without sacrificing a client’s length.

Hair dusting started with a candle — yes, a candle. When this technique was first used, people would twist chunks of hair and singe off dead ends with a flame. Sounds risky, right?

Well, modern-day hair dusting can be done with a sharp pair of scissors and by using professional hair care products — thank goodness!

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This trim seems like a win-win for everyone, right? In this article, we will give you industry-leading advice on how to dust your client’s hair without trimming too much. Once you become a pro at this technique, it will be easier to convince your clients to let you trim their hair — and they will be thanking you as their hair will grow faster and feel healthier. You can also recommend professional shampoo and products to your clients to help maintain their healthy hair.

How to Hair Dust

Are you ready to learn how to dust hair? We can’t wait to show you! Follow these steps to become known as the hair stylist with the best trim in town!


Detangle Hair

Whether you just finished coloring your client’s hair or they are just in your chair for a trim, you will need to ensure that the hair is smooth and detangled. You can achieve this with your favorite detangling products and a comb.


Section Hair for Trimming

The key to mastering the hair dusting technique is by cutting small sections of hair at a time. To do this, you should section the hair before cutting it.


Twist Half Sections

Now that the hair is sectioned, you will take half-inch sections and twist them tightly. A lot of hairstylists use this technique for other kinds of trims, but the key is to make sure the section is twisted tightly.


Cut the Hair Using Ultra Sharp Scissors

As you twist the hair, you will notice damaged hair sticking up and out of the twist. Lightly cut these strands with very sharp scissors.

Twist In Opposite Direction and Cut Again

After cutting the section of hair, twist the strands the opposite way to reveal more split ends and then trim.


Repeat Throughout

Move section by section throughout the whole head, and before you know it, you will have completed a successful hair dusting.

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Are you ready to take this trimming technique for a spin? Your clients are going to love you for saving their length while also keeping their hair healthy!


Get the word out about offering this hair dusting service by sharing more about it on your social media channel or letting your clients know on their next visit. Offering new services — especially ones your clients will love — takes some education and getting used to!


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