The U-Shaped Haircut: Everything You Need to Know


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If you’re looking for the “it girl” hairstyle of the season, look no further than the U-shaped haircut. This stunning cut will take your tresses and give you a long, swoopy look with plenty of potential for volume. Many hair trends and cuts come and go, but we predict that this style is going to be iconic for a while. It’s a classic hairstyle that turns up the volume.

For those who want to learn more about this iconic hairstyle and determine if it’s a haircut they would like to have, keep reading this article. We will share must-know info about this hairstyle, as well as expert advice and tips on how to use professional hair care products to accentuate your hair.

What Is the U-Shaped Haircut?

The U-shaped haircut gets its name because of the way your hair falls in the back when you have this style. For those with this haircut, if you were to pull all of the hair behind the shoulders, the hair would create a U-shape. The edges of the hair are shorter in length with face-framing layers, while the hair toward the middle is longer. This hair also gives anyone — regardless of hair texture or thickness — the ability to add volume to their hair.

Why Is the U-Shaped Haircut So Popular?

Right now, big hair, choppy layers and lots of volume are on our minds. The blowout hairstyle isn’t just reserved for special occasions. It’s all everyone wants today. However, those long, swoopy and voluminous locks aren’t always easy to achieve without a professional blowout with expensive hair tools. And this is where the U-shaped haircut comes in. Since this style gives people face-framing layers that fall just below the chin, this haircut makes it easier to create the illusion of thick, voluminous hair. Even if you already have thick hair, the U-shaped haircut is just going to amplify your hair and volume. This haircut is versatile and looks great on anyone. Whether you have mid-length or long hair, everyone can embrace this style. While we do believe that shorter styles can sport this style, too, it will be essential to speak with your stylist about the length of the layers you’re adding to ensure you’re getting a haircut that you love.

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How Is U-Shape Hair Created?

In order to get the swoopy hair you’ve been dreaming of, your hairstylist will leave the hair toward the back of your head longer. Then, they will take the hair around your face and create ascending layers. This will give your hair the U-shape in the back. Aside from your initial haircut appointment, it’s essential to visit your stylist regularly for a trim. Since your hair will be different lengths, you will need to ensure that your stylist is trimming any dead ends of parts of the hair that have thinned out or no longer create the precise U-shape.

Must-Have Hair Styling Products and Tools for the U-Shaped Haircut

The U-shaped haircut can be styled in a variety of ways, but we highly recommend playing with the natural volume and texture this hairstyle gives you. To get voluminous hair every time, use professional hair styling products and these tools.

  • Heat Protectant – When using heat tools to create volume, apply a heat protectant to your hair to avoid getting split ends.
  • Round Brush – If you want your hair to look like you just left the blowout bar, you’ll need a round brush and a blow dryer or one of those 2-in-1 blow dryer brushes. This tool helps you build volume and give your ends that swoopy curl that this haircut is known for.
  • Blow Dryer – Get the blowout look at home with a blow dryer!
  • Texturizing Spray – For the days when you don’t want to rely on heat tools, apply texturizing spray and scrunch your hair for naturally voluminous locks.
  • Anti-Frizz Oil – Depending on your hair texture, you may experience frizz. To combat this, keep anti-frizz oil in your hair care regimen to ensure your hair is always looking smooth and shiny.
  • Hot Rollers – Another great heat tool to use is hot rollers. These rollers will give you all-day volume.
  • Straightener – Although a straightener may be more of a flattening tool rather than one that’s known for creating volume, you can still create curls or beach waves with it to accent your U-shaped haircut.
@voalahairsalon via Instagram powered by Squarelovin
@voalahairsalon via Instagram powered by Squarelovin

Is the U-shaped haircut calling your name? Book an appointment with your favorite stylist today and get the hair you’ve been dreaming about!


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