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9 Hair Appointment Etiquette Tips for Stylists


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Having a stellar reputation and top-notch etiquette as a hairstylist is essential to retaining and attracting clientele. And even if you think your practices as a stylist are excellent, they can always be better. Continuously improving as a hairstylist is how you level up in your career and keep your clients coming back.

If you’re wondering how to improve your hair appointment etiquette, you have come to the right place. We wrote this article to give you inspiration and information on how to make each hair appointment a positive and memorable experience for your clients.

We will talk about everything from using the right professional hair care products to streamlining your booking process and appointments.


Hair Appointment Etiquette Tips for Stylists

Now, let’s discuss how to improve your hair appointment etiquette from the second a client books a session with you to after they leave your salon.

  1. Make It Easy for Clients to Book You

    – How do your clients and prospects book appointments with you? Is there a secret link or do they have to call the salon and wait on hold? If it isn’t easy for your clients to book you, it’s time to improve this process. You’ll need to get booking software or a platform that allows you to share a link and have customers book appointments. Make sure your booking link and information is visible on your social media pages and website. This will set the stage for how your appointment will go.

  2. Be Transparent with Pricing

    – Clients are conscious of pricing when they book an appointment. The level to which you are transparent is up to you. However, we recommend offering a pricing range or base for those who want to book an appointment with you. You can also discuss pricing prior to the appointment during a consultation, which we will talk about next. But being transparent with your pricing helps build a solid relationship and trust with your clients.


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  1. Build a Consultation Into Each Appointment

    – Whether you’re seeing a regular client or someone new, hosting a consultation at the beginning of your appointment can build trust and ensure that you and your client are on the same page. During this consultation, get to know your client’s hair inspiration, health, goals and history so that you can perform the best service possible. Your clients will appreciate this extra step and your attention to detail.

  2. Try Not to Double or Overbook Yourself

    – We understand that double-booking clients and taking one client while the other processes is a great way to keep you busy and keep revenue coming in, but this could reflect poorly on you. Taking two clients at the same time can elongate the client’s time spent in the salon by a few hours, which drives up the cost for them. This may also make your client feel as though you don’t want to dedicate your full attention to them.

  3. Ask for Feedback Regularly

    – As you’re performing the service, ask your client for feedback. Are they comfortable? Is the cut or color turning out the way they wanted it to? These questions show your client you care.

  4. Be Transparent About What’s Next

    – Keeping your client in the loop during their service is critical to making sure your client has a good experience. You can do this by letting them know what’s next in the process and your expectations.

  5. Use Products You’re Passionate About

    – By using products that are naturally aligned with your mission and goals, you’re creating a seamless experience for your customer because you are able to convey why using professional salon supplies and products are critical to their hair health.


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  1. Follow Up

    – After the appointment is over, follow up with your clients to make sure they love their hair and your service. You can do this through an automated email or by personally reaching out through phone, email or text.

  2. Start a Loyalty Program

    – Reward your loyal clients and customers with special offers and discounts after a certain number of visits or when they refer new clients to you. This helps improve client retention and loyalty.

How many of these processes do you make a part of your appointments already? Are you feeling inspired to improve your appointment etiquette? We hope this article showed you a few ways that you can make your clients feel special and appreciated.


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