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Hair Salon Lighting: 5 Things Every Salon Owner Should Know


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If we were to ask you to make a list of the most critical components behind successful salons, would salon lighting be on your list?

If it’s not, then it should be. A salon’s lighting — both natural and artificial — needs to be top tier in order for your stylists to create great work and for your clients to be satisfied. Salon lighting should be held to the standard you hold the professional hair care products you use. It’s that important.

Why is lighting so important? We will uncover must know lighting facts that every salon owner should know and share some lighting techniques you can apply to refresh and brighten your space in this article.

Why Is Salon Lighting Important?

Not only do your stylists and clients need decent lighting to be able to interact with each other, but a salon’s lighting has a direct effect on how your people perform and how your clients view their work. Here are some of the reasons why lighting should be top of mind as a salon owner.

  • Stylists need an adequate amount of light to perform and assess accurate and precise coloring and cutting techniques.
  • Poor lighting can lead to client dissatisfaction and confusion as they won’t be able to see their new hairstyle for what it really looks like.
  • Lighting that has an off-putting hue can affect the way stylists perform lightening and coloring services when using professional hair color.
  • Lighting can affect the mood of your people and your stylists.

5 Things Every Salon Owner Should Know About Lighting

Whether you are planning to refresh your salon’s lighting or space or you are opening a salon for the first time and want to make sure your lighting is up to par, this is what you should know.

  1. Invest and Splurge on Stellar Lighting
    Beyond the color of paint on your walls and the salon stations you decide to fill up your space, your lighting needs to be your first priority. Hair experts and salon owners recommend investing in quality lighting that makes your salon bright and functional.
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  1. Make Space for Natural Light
    In a salon, it’s important to have a good mixture of natural light and artificial light. Do you ever notice your stylists taking their clients to the closest window to show them their new hair color or style? It’s important for your clients to be able to see their color in artificial and natural light so that they can provide your stylists with accurate feedback. If you’re shopping for a salon space or planning a remodel, natural light should be at the top of your wish list.
  2. Salons Should Have Lighting for Photography, Too
    No, salons are not meant to be photography studios, but a critical factor in growing your salon’s business and the clientele is by leveraging your stylists’ work on social media. You should be encouraging your stylists and clients to photograph new hairstyles and post them to your salon’s social media channel and website. In order to create content and photos that are compelling on social media that convert to new clients, you will need to set up a space in your salon with professional lighting and ring lights that allow your people and clients to take pictures.
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  1. Improve Salon Lighting with Lighted or Illuminated Salon Stations
    If your salon doesn’t have the best lighting, you can instantly boost your salon’s vibe and lighting situation by investing in salon stations with lights around the mirror. Having this vanity-style salon station delivers light exactly where it needs to be and doesn’t require rewiring your salon.
  1. Good Lighting Is Expensive and You Shouldn’t Cut Costs
    Opening a salon or renovating a space can come with a lot of costs and a big price tag when it’s all said and done. However, if there is one area of the salon where you cannot afford to cut costs, it’s the lighting.

A bright salon is a happy and healthy salon! Make sure to prioritize lighting when you are making plans to improve your salon and grow your business. The proper lighting can positively impact employee morale and the overall feel of your salon.


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