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9 Chic Salon Station Ideas


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Are you looking for unique ways to spruce up your salon’s appearance? Look no further than these chic salon station ideas from SALONORY.

If your salon needs a fresh, new vibe, but you don’t want to commit to a complete salon renovation or redesign, there are simpler ways that you can breathe new life into your space.

One way to instantly give your salon a facelift is by reimagining and refreshing your stylists’ salon stations. There are a variety of ways to give this area of your salon a reimagined feel. From replacing old salon styling stations with new, modern pieces or adding decor and optimizing storage, let’s explore ways to give your salon stations a chic look.

Chic Salon Station Ideas

  1. Replace Old Salon Stations Over time, your salon’s styling stations will show signs of wear and tear. Whether it’s from using professional hair care products that may come into contact with the station’s natural finishes or other normal signs of aging, this can create an unpolished and messy look for your salon. You can instantly give your space a facelift by replacing stations that are no longer functional or aesthetically pleasing.
  2. Improve Lighting at Salon Stations Having the proper salon lighting and an adequate amount of light can make or break a salon’s aesthetic. If your salon is in need of a facelift, think about how you can brighten the space with more light. Whether that’s outfitting salon station mirrors with a vanity or including ring lights at each station, going brighter is always better.
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  1. Green Thumb It One quick way to add vibrance and breathe new life into your salon is by adding plants to your salon stations and other areas throughout your space. Not only do plants purify air, but they also look incredible in salons. If you don’t believe us, try placing a small plant at every salon station, and then tell us you didn’t just change the entire vibe of the salon!
  2. Make Storage Aesthetically Pleasing If you’re looking for ways to optimize storage while also jazzing up your salon stations, add floating wall shelves around your wall-mounted styling stations or free-standing shelves in between stand-alone stations. On these shelves, you can highlight your retail products — so clients can go window shopping for professional shampoo during their service — while incorporating decor in a thoughtful way.
  1. Declutter for a Minimalist Modern Look If you want to take your salon in the direction of the ultra-modern and chic minimalist aesthetic, you should start by decluttering your stations and optimizing your salon’s storage. Following minimalist principles is a great way to take your salon from cluttered to chic, modern and trendy. The key to the minimalist look is making sure that your salon always looks neat and tidy with as little clutter as possible.
  2. Incorporate Local Art Instantly give your styling stations more personality by hanging up local art or unique pieces that you have sourced. Not only will this entertain your client, but it’s a great way to highlight local artists. When you are sourcing art to give your salon stations a chic look, make sure the pieces match your salon’s aesthetic and work cohesively together. This will ensure that your salon has a look that isn’t too busy or chaotic.
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  1. Add Bold Pops of Color Does your salon need some vibrant colors? If so, adding bold pops of color through thoughtful decor, accents or storage options is a great way to bring your space to life. From cute salon supply holders placed on the salon station to bold-colored trolleys, these tiny accents speak volumes.
  2. Create Stylish Signage How do you let your guests know about your social media handles and hashtags or the WiFi password? You can create signage to post at your stylists’ salon stations in unique and fun ways that convey your salon’s personality while also giving stations a chic touch. You can either create a graphic that details all of the information above and frame it or you can hang whiteboards on the salon station that also include any specials or relevant information.
  3. Get the Latest Tech One way to make your salon stations chic and accommodating is by outfitting them with the latest tech. For example, make sure your clients have access to a phone charger or an iPad as they are getting their hair done.

Your salon can look chicer by the second! Feeling inspired? Keep these tips if your interior ever needs a little refresh.


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