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How to Recruit Hairstylists to Your Salon


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Recruiting stylists to work in your salon can be a difficult task, but given the current talent shortage in the beauty industry, it’s even more daunting than usual. However, there are many ways to set your salon apart from the competition to ensure that you are always recruiting and retaining talent in this tight job market — and any other for that matter.

In this article, we will share some practical tips that you can apply to your business that will help you recruit hairstylists to your salon. Even if you aren’t experiencing a staffing shortage, it’s essential to implement these tips as they can ensure that you are attracting the best talent at all times. Not only does having the best talent ensure that your clients leave your salon happy, but it also supports your business as it grows and differentiates itself from the competition.


How to Recruit Hairstylists

Every salon business is different and where your salon is located may play a role in whether or not some of these strategies can be implemented. For the most part, though, every salon business should see a boost in interested talent after following this advice.


  • Make Sure Your Website and Social Media Appeal to Prospective Talent

One of the first places a prospective stylist may look for a place to work is on your website and social media pages. Many times, this may be the first and only impression you will be able to make on potential stylists. We highly recommend keeping a strong social media presence and website that not only shows the work that your current stylists are able to create, but should also highlight your stylists. Create mini profiles of your stylists so that prospective talent can see the kinds of people you hire, as well as where they may fit in. This also shows talent that you care about the people working for you. 

  • Partner with Local Beauty Schools

Most salons are located within a reasonable distance from a beauty or cosmetology school, which is a great way to establish a pipeline of incoming talent. You can partner with schools to donate salon tools or equipment or to teach a class, which will allow you to introduce your business to students who will soon graduate.

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  • Offer Apprenticeships

If you’re having a difficult time finding the best talent, your salon can offer apprenticeships to aspiring stylists who may need a little more training. This can also position your salon as a great place to work for those who participate in the program.

  • Network Digitally and In-Person

Networking is still an important part of running a successful business. By participating in social media networking and attending in-person networking events, you can meet prospective talent and stylists to recruit to your salon.

  • Make Your Salon Stand Out

Stylists want to work in a salon that represents their personal values and beliefs. So, how are you making sure your salon stands out and has a mission that could relate to others? Whether your salon is only using professional salon supplies that are sustainable or the products your stylists use are vegan, it’s important to make sure that prospective talent (and clients) know that. This information should be on your website and social media page.

  • Ask Current Stylists for Recommendations

In a salon, it’s critical to bring people into your business that mesh well and fit into the culture perfectly. This is why it’s a great idea to ask your current stylists for recommendations. Chances are, they have a big network and know exactly who would make a great addition to the team and who wouldn’t.

  • Selectively Post to Job Boards

You want to make sure you are attracting the highest quality talent that is qualified to make an impact at your salon. This means you don’t want to post your job opening on just any job board. Be selective about the boards you post to and, if necessary, you may have to pay for your listing to be placed on boards where there are serious, high-quality applicants.


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We know that the hiring, recruiting and retaining process is not easy. As a salon owner, you have plenty on your plate. But we hope that these tips have inspired you to start looking for hairstylists in a variety of new ways. The talent is out there — you just need to position your salon to stand out and draw them in.


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