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How to Start a Mobile Hair Salon or Barber Shop


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How to Start a Mobile Hair Salon or Barber Shop

Are you a hairstylist or a barber who has always had a unique vision for your business, perhaps starting a mobile hair salon or barber shop? Maybe you would rather forgo working in a traditional salon and create a different kind of business model and work environment.

Becoming a mobile barber or hairstylist has become quite popular over the past few years, and the business model is quite appealing. However, it comes with a new set of obstacles that a hairstylist working in a traditional salon may not have to face.


Just because there are obstacles associated with becoming a mobile barber or hairstylist doesn’t mean that this isn’t a viable and fruitful opportunity. If you want to start a mobile salon or barber business, this article was written for you! Here, we will share some advice on how to start this kind of business, as well as some insight on how to make sure you set the proper foundation for your mobile company.


How to Start a Mobile Hair Salon or Barber Shop

Let’s get your mobile salon or shop up and running in no time. Follow these steps to ensure your business is ready!

1. Come Up With a Business Plan

Whether you have already started working as a mobile stylist or barber or you are just getting your start, it’s important to create a business plan so that you can keep track of your finances. Usually, working at a more formal salon may handle certain financial aspects for you. But you will need to make sure all of your I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed. This business plan should outline your expenses and projected revenue goals for your first year in business.


2. Research the Legal Aspects of Owning a Mobile Salon or Shop

Depending on where you are located, you may have some legal obstacles to consider as you open your mobile salon or barber shop. Some states may require you to get a special business license or certification before you can offer your services. If you plan to have a van or mobile salon that you will host your clients at, you may also need a permit for this.

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3. Establish Your Brand

As a mobile stylist or barber, it’s essential to have strong branding that can speak to potential clients online and in person. Come up with a name that explains your business perfectly and create marketing materials like business cards, car decals and a website where your clients can learn about you and reach you.


4. Create a Strong Digital Presence

Since you don’t have a physical salon promoting your services, you will need to establish a strong digital presence where potential clients can learn about your services and your current clients can book and communicate with you. Your website should communicate your services and expectations. This is a great place to showcase your work and share more about your business.


In addition to a website, you will also need to create a presence on social media. Your social media pages are a great way to keep in touch with your clients, as well as attract new clients.

5. Invest in Tools and Equipment

As a mobile stylist or barber, you will need to determine what kinds of equipment or salon tools you should purchase. Will you be working out of your car, a van or just visiting your clients at their homes? Answering these questions should shed light on the kinds of products, equipment and tools you will need.


6. Stock Up on Products

As an independent stylist, you will need to supply your own products. Whether you’re using STMNT hair products or another trusted brand, it could be a good idea to keep stock of every kind of product you may need.

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7. Create a Space for You to Do Hair

How do you envision yourself doing hair as a mobile stylist? Do you hope to have your own vehicle, a pop-up salon or will you visit your client’s house? Although you will be a mobile stylist or barber, you will still need to have some sort of space that allows you to provide services, as well as a place that allows you to store your products and tools.


Are you ready to start your mobile salon or barber shop? If you follow these tips, you should be feeling confident and prepared for the journey ahead!


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