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The laundry list of blonde hair trends goes on and on. With new blonde styles and trendy shades popping up left and right, it can be hard to keep up! However, this means that those who want to go blonde or change up their current blonde style and color have quite a few different options to choose from. Of course, there are always the tried and true blonde hair colors that many people think of when they think of blonde hair looks, including platinum blonde, rich, honey blonde shades and a classic blonde bombshell look. Here’s how stylists can color and style a blonde bombshell look to perfection.

What Is Blonde Bombshell Hair?

In a world that includes countless different blonde shades of professional hair color, it’s important for stylists and clients alike to know the difference between popular blonde shades before their color appointment takes place. Blonde shades range from cool tones in white, ash and gray colors to neutral blonde shades with beige or fawn brown undertones all the way to rich, warm blonde colors that help warm up the face.

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Blonde bombshell hair typically falls on the lighter side of the spectrum, though the result isn’t too cool-toned or washed out. A blonde bombshell look isn’t quite as bright as platinum blonde hair (another cool-toned blonde shade), but rather more effortless, balanced and buttery smooth. The look resembles many famous blonde celebrity hair looks from the red carpet.

The bombshell blonde look also involves a few key styling techniques. The typical way to style a bombshell blonde look involves giving the hair a luxurious blowout to create soft, touchable texture and lots of movement. The look can be as voluminous and full of body as desired and works well with different hair types and lengths.

Bombshell Blonde Color Tips

Because bombshell blonde hair is a lighter shade of blonde, the process of creating the color may first involve the use of a professional hair lightener. At SALONORY, we only stock the best brands and formulas, and this is no different when it comes to our lineup of lighteners. Our selection includes reliable formulas that are designed to help stylists achieve the perfect base for blonde hair color, regardless of the initial hair shade.

Once the hair has been lightened to the appropriate shade if needed, stylists should apply a bombshell-inspired shade or shades of professional hair color using their desired method. Depending on what the client wants as their end results, stylists might apply color all over or create a bombshell balayage look with a hand painting technique, which produces more natural-looking results. If more dimension is desired, stylists may choose to recommend blonde highlights in complementary bombshell blonde shades via a foil or hand painting technique.

Bombshell Blonde Styling Tips

Once the desired color is reached, it’s time to style the new bombshell blonde look! Like many other blonde looks, bombshell blonde hair looks super healthy, luminous and soft when blown out with a large round brush. Stylists should work in small sections of hair at a time to maximize volume and create lots of body.

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From there, stylists can create a classic Hollywood bombshell look with billowing waves or go for an edgy vibe with smaller textured pieces using a curling iron. A go-to bombshell blonde maintenance routine should include the use of professional shampoo with purple pigment, heat protection spray and regular color touch-up appointments at the salon.


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