How to Do Copper Highlights on Brown Hair


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Does Kendall Jenner’s new red hair make you want some warm locks of your own? If so, you are not alone! Red hair color and copper highlights are becoming more popular than ever.

And we are here to show you how to get them. Copper highlights are versatile and they look great with hair that’s naturally brown. There are various ways to interpret the color and the style. We will share some of our favorite looks and interpretations here.

Whether you’re craving copper tones and red hair or you’re looking for inspiration to take to your hairstylist, this article will make a case for copper highlights on brown hair. Don’t forget to shop hair color from trusted brands like Pravana if you’re looking for products to help you achieve copper highlights on brown hair.

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What Are Copper Highlights?

When we think of highlights, we may go directly to blonde or platinum strands. However, highlights can be created in various colors, especially copper. Highlights are usually one to three shades lighter than your base color and they can be toned to a coppery hue.

How Are Copper Highlights Achieved?

Depending on the client’s base color, copper highlights can be achieved a few ways. If the client’s hair color is dark and it pulls warm, a stylist will lighten the hair and can tone it to get to the copper hue. A stylist can also use professional hair color over the lightened portions to bring more copper tones and vibrancy to the strands.

Who Looks Best with Copper Highlights?

If you’re wondering whether or not copper highlights will elevate your skin tone, we have some insight for you. Yellow and golden skin tones look best with copper highlights, but at SALONORY, we think you should embrace hair colors that excite you — regardless if they are ideal for your skin tone or not.

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Copper Highlight Styles to Try

Now that we have gone over some of the logistics around copper highlights, let’s talk about some of the gorgeous styles that you could potentially embrace if you have brown hair.

  • Copper Red Balayage

    The balayage painting method will never go out of style because it is such an easy-to-maintain look. If you have brown hair and you want a subtle way to embrace copper strands in your hair, try the balayage style. The balayage technique paints highlights into the hair, giving it a more natural and subtle look.

  • Thick Copper Strands

    The ’90s are in, which means that chunky highlights are definitely having a moment. If you’re looking for bold swooshes of copper through your brown hair, this is the way to go. You can also ask your stylist to strategically place these highlights in a way that frames your face and makes the style more dramatic.

  • Copper Ombre

    Another really pretty style to try with coppery highlights is the ombre. An ombre looks naturally beautiful on dark hair. Your ends will be coppery and beautiful.

  • Copper Skunk Stripe Hair

    If you haven’t heard of skunk stripe hair, it’s basically one of the trendiest styles today. To get this look, you will part your hair down the center and then take one chunk of face-framing hair from both sides and lighten them while leaving the rest of your hair dark. You can take this lightened hair and infuse it with copper tones for a style that turns heads.

  • Multi-Dimensional Copper Highlights

    Who doesn’t love rich, multi-dimensional highlights? Hairstylists can weave in lowlights and highlights to make your copper strands stand out even more.

  • Copper Brown All-Over Color

    While it’s technically not highlighted, a wash of coppery brown color is a great way to embrace the copper trend. You can either achieve this by applying a demi-permanent color or using a deep conditioning hair glaze to achieve more warmth

So, what do you think? Are you feeling the copper highlight style on brown hair? It’s a flattering look that will bring warmth to your skin — and it’s a trendy color that everyone is obsessing over. During your next trip to the salon, visit your stylist to see how they can achieve this style in a way that looks great on you and makes you feel confident.


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