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Whether you are currently a brunette, want to be a brunette or you’re learning how to create a beautiful brunette hairstyle that stands out, you’re going to love the mushroom brown hair color trend.

Brown hair can be dimensional or it can be made up of a variety of highlights and lowlights achieved by using professional hair color. When you think of brown hair, do you think of warm and chocolatey hues or more muted browns that are cooler in tone?

This brown hair color resembles a mushroom. It’s brown but it’s more of a cooler tone that incorporates ash. There are many ways to achieve this style. It can be worn as an all-over color or mushroom brown highlights can be woven into naturally dark hair.

So how is the look achieved? There are several different methods and we will cover them all below! Whether you’re a hairstylist learning how to master this style for your clients or you are looking for inspiration for your next hair appointment, we hope this article inspires you to choose mushroom brown hair color!

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How to Get Mushroom Brown Hair

There are a few ways to get mushroom brown hair, depending on the style you choose. Here are some tried and true methods.

Prepare the Base Hair and Color

To achieve a mushroom brown look, it’s important to assess the client’s base hair. Is it lighter or darker than it needs to be to achieve the style the client wants? If the client is looking for an all-over mushroom brown color, you may need to lighten or darken the base to get it to the perfect shade. You can also darken the roots to create a shadow root and give the rest of the strands a mushroom brown color.

Add Thin Highlights

Depending on the client’s base color and the style of mushroom brown hair they want, you may need to add really thin highlights, which you will eventually tone down to an ashy brown color.

Add in Lowlights

The mushroom brown hairstyle is all about creating a multidimensional brown hue. When you look at a mushroom, many brown shades are woven together with pops of white. The hair will need deeper tones maintained by professional hair care products for a long-lasting look.

Apply a Shadow Root

For this style, it’s common for a client to want a deeper root color. Rather than darkening the entire base, you can apply a shadow root before rinsing the hair and toning it. This will provide more contrast and allow the mushroom brown color to pop more.

Tone the Hair

An important part of achieving the mushroom brown color your client will love is toning. Since this color is on the cooler side, you will need to prioritize ash toners.

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Different Mushroom Brown Hairstyles to Try

Now that you have got the basic steps to follow, let’s talk about the many different mushroom brown hairstyles and color patterns.

All-Over Color

While there is usually more of a gradient and dimension with the mushroom brown hair color, using this hue as an all-over color also looks great. If the client wants this color from root to tip, you can still build in dimension with a variety of lowlights and highlights.

Shadow Root

The mushroom brown hair color with a deep-colored shadow root is a striking look that allows clients to maintain a deeper root color while lightening the ends.


If the client wants a deeper base and a little more depth than a shadow root, the mushroom brown ombre could be a great option. This style boasts a deep base with light brown ashy ends.


For clients who want a more subtle look, stylists can paint deeper and lighter ash tones into a dark base to achieve that mushroom brown style. While this look isn’t as dramatic as the others, it’s still a multi-dimensional style that’s stunning.

The mushroom brown hair color and style looks good on everyone! And as you can see, it’s a style that is truly versatile. Stylists and clients should have a consultation or discussion before any coloring service to make sure they are on the same page. There are many ways to achieve this color, which is why it’s essential for clients and stylists to be on the same page.


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