How to Do an Undercut


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How to Do an Undercut

If you want to learn how to do an undercut, you have come to the right place. An undercut is an edgy yet classic haircut for any gender. However, since the cut does involve trimming some of the hair to be very short, but keeping other parts of the hair longer, it can be a tricky style and cut to pull off.

Don’t worry, though. We will walk you through achieving an undercut so that the next time a client asks for this style, you will deliver the best haircut they have ever had. We will also show you how to style an undercut with STMNT hair products.

Are you ready to learn how to master this cut? Let’s get into it.


What Is an Undercut?

If you’re wondering what an undercut looks like, let’s bring it back to basics and describe this style in depth.


The undercut hairstyle masters contrast with buzzed or razored sides while leaving the top of the hair long. This haircut is also a popular style among most textures, too. It can be worn with straight hair, curly hair or wavy hair.


The history of the undercut starts as a hairstyle for men decades back, but recently, the hairstyle has become very trendy for women who have short hair. In our opinion, it’s a pretty versatile style and we think everyone could rock it. So, you should prepare to get a lot of requests for an undercut in the near future.


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How to Do an Undercut

So, let’s talk about how to do an undercut. Before we give you a step-by-step guide, you will need to invest in salon tools like clippers or a razor to achieve a precise buzz and cut.

1. Schedule a Consultation – It’s essential to have a consultation with your client to ensure that you both are on the same page. This is also a great time to learn your client’s hair texture, which could dictate how the style translates on them. You will also need to determine how short or deep your client wants the undercut to be.

2. Determine the Length of the Undercut and the Top of the Hair – Once you have spoken to the client about how short they want the undercut to be, it’s time to consider the rest of the hair. If the client wants to keep their hair longer on top, you may want to keep the undercut on the sides and the back a little longer to balance the style out.

3. Section Hair – You will need to section the hair you want to keep apart from the sides and the back that you want to cut. You can do this by precisely sectioning off the top part of your hair using a comb. Once you have the amount of hair you want to keep on top, put it into a bun.

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4. Cut the Sides and the Back – If the sides and back of the hair are long, you will need to do a rough chop before refining the sides and back with clippers or a razor. Don’t worry about the top portion of the hair just yet.

5. Define with Clippers or a Razor – Once the sides and back are trimmed down, use clippers or a razor to get a precise and close buzz.

6. Trim the Top – Now that the sides are buzzed down, it’s time to refine and trim the top of the hair. Once you get the length right, you may need to touch up the sides or the back of the head.

7. Style with STMNT Hair Products – There are a variety of ways to style an undercut. You can swoop it to the side, form it into a pompadour  or put the long hair into a bun. Either way, use STMNT hair products to keep the style looking fresh all day. These products work well on all textures and can be used to enhance a variety of undercut styles.


Now, you will be able to give your clients the undercut style they want. There are various ways to customize this style and tailor it to your client’s personal look.



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