How to Style Layered Hair: 8 Expert Tips


How to Style Layered Hair: 8 Expert Tips

Do you have layered hair? Or are you a stylist looking for some layered hairstyle inspiration? Either way, you have stumbled upon some layered hair fans, and we are about to give you all the inspiration you need to create head-turning looks while using professional hair styling products.

Layered hair is so versatile, and it’s one of the many looks that could be styled in an endless number of ways. Since layers give so much dimension to the hair and also incorporate different lengths, it’s easy to wear this hair up or down.

In this article, we will give you our favorite expert tips on how to style layered hair like a pro! But first, it’s essential to understand why layered hair is so versatile and how it gets its look.

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What Makes Hair Layered?

If you’re wondering what gives hair a layered look, the style is achieved by strategically cutting the hair at different lengths. Doing this allows the hair to fall in different areas and gives it a layered look. Layering is great for all hair textures from thin to thick hair types. This style can give hair the look of more volume, but it can also take very thick hair and redistribute volume. It’s a technique that has been around for decades, and it continues to be a popular kind of cut and style. While this is a favorite hairstyle, it does require some maintenance and special care when styling. But don’t worry — we have you covered with expert tips below.

How to Style Layered Hair Like an Expert

Now, we will dive into some styling tips that you should keep in mind for the layered hair look.


  • Get to Know Your Client’s Hair Texture: Layered hair is for every hair texture! When styling layered hair, it could be very helpful to understand the hair texture so that you can apply certain techniques to achieve your hair goals. For example, those with curly hair may want layers to distribute the fullness of their hair. Those with thinner hair may want layers to add dimension and the look of fullness. Layers will also look different on everyone, so understanding the hair texture can be critical in getting the styling right.


  • Find Products That Work for Your Client: Products for layered hair like texture spray or anti-frizz can be game changers for those with layered hair. Products like this enhance your hair’s stunning natural features while also making your layers pop. Applying salon hairspray can also help you give your layers more dimension and texture.


  • Explore Different Parts: Layered hair is versatile, which means that you can achieve a number of different looks with this kind of haircut. Whether you normally part your hair down the middle or to the side, you can easily switch up your part to create a new hairstyle. If you’re feeling bored with your current look, changing your part could give you an instant new vibe!
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  • Add Volume with Loose Waves: Whether you have short or long hair with layers, if you want to add volume all around, you could style your hair with loose waves. To create loose waves, you’ll need a curling wand. These loose waves will add volume to your hair, but the layers really set the look off by building the dimension through the different lengths of the layers.


  • Try Half Up, Half Down Styles: Sure, most hairstyles can be worn half up, half down, but for those with layers, this style is not only easy to create, but layers make this style even more stunning. Because your hair has different lengths and layers, it looks great clipped up with side-swept bangs. There are many ways you can pull off a half up, half down look.


  • Ask for Face-Framing Pieces: Usually, a layered hairstyle will include face-framing pieces, but you could ask your stylist to add these pieces in a way that they feel would enhance your face shape and overall look.


  • Opt for Long Layers: Depending on your hair texture and style, your stylist may opt for long layers. This is a great way to get layers without fully committing to a choppy, blunt cut. These layers are whimsical and still offer all the benefits of more traditional layers.


  • For Straight Hair, Curl Ends Over: If your hair is straightened or naturally straight, you may not notice layers showing through. To show off your layers, curl hair over when running a straightener through it. This will make your layers pop.


These layers have never looked better! Whether you’re styling your hair or working magic on your client’s locks, these styling tips will transform layered hair.


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