How to Style Short Pixie Hair


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How to Style Short Pixie Hair

The pixie cut has seen quite a few variations over the years, each of them presenting a fresh take on the super short hair look. The great thing about pixie hair is that stylists can customize the style and create a unique look for each client based on their face shape, hair type and personality. Once a pixie hairstyle has been cut, it might seem as though all the work is over — but that’s definitely not the case! Pixie cuts benefit so much from just a little daily styling and can showcase different looks for a range of occasions with the use of professional hair styling products. Here’s how hairstylists can style a cute, short pixie haircut at the salon and teach their clients how to replicate the look at home.

Pre-Styling Routine

A pixie cut is a bold look in itself, so stylists should be careful not to over-style this type of cut or go overboard with hair products in the process. That being said, there are a few different ways to style a pixie cut based on the client or stylist’s overall vision, and all of them start with a top-notch hair care routine.


Pixie hair is all about creating a light and effortless look, which means hair should look healthy from the start. In addition to getting regular trims at the salon to keep the hairstyle from looking grown out, dull or unshapely, stylists should recommend their clients use a set of professional hair care products like a nourishing shampoo and conditioner as well as weightless creams and a leave-in treatment. A protective cream or spray should always be used if a blow dryer or thermal tools will be used on the hair.

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Styling a Pixie Cut

Perhaps the most popular of pixie cuts is the bold, edgy pixie with an asymmetrical element. It’s great for clients who want a statement cut or a pixie that leaves a little more hair on the head for styling purposes. It’s common to see this kind of pixie haircut showcasing a vibrant or creative color choice, too. If that’s the case, stylists should use a top-quality salon developer to help penetrate the hair cuticle and get rich, bold color payoff.

Once the desired color has been reached, it’s time to enhance it with one of many styling technique options. Bold pixie cuts that feature longer hair on one side and short or buzzed hair on the other side look great when styled smooth and straight. Stylists and their clients can get the look by brushing through sections of the longer hair and going through with a hair straightener, taking special care to curve the iron in a way that mimics the shape of the client’s head. The look is finished off with a bit of professional hairspray to lock it all in.

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Pixie cuts are easily styled without heat, too. For pixie haircuts that feature one general hair length, stylists should consider a tousled look for texture, dimension and results that appear effortless. The styling process starts with dry hair and can be achieved by working a small amount of hair pomade or styling cream into the hair so it bends at different angles. The result should look less like spikes and more like chic bedhead!



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