10 Gender-Neutral Hairstyles


gender neutral hairstyle

There is plenty of room for flair, subtlety, color and texture in gender-neutral hairstyles! Whether your client is looking for a more androgynous look or they want a style that is versatile and easy to maintain, a gender-neutral hairstyle might be a great option.

If you’re not sure exactly what could constitute a gender-neutral style, stay tuned and we will break it down for you. We will also be sharing some of our favorite gender-neutral hairstyles that everyone can rock!

It’s time to stock up on products from top brands like STMNT hair products and try some of these styles out on your clients!


What Is a Gender-Neutral Hairstyle?

Gender-neutral hairstyles are designed to be worn by anyone. They blend masculine and feminine characteristics to look more androgynous. These styles also don’t lean too far into the masculine or feminine look. They are right in the middle of the spectrum.

Gender-neutral identities are becoming more popular when it comes to clothing, hairstyles and names as people aren’t embracing masculine and feminine characteristics as strongly as they once were.

Gender-Neutral Hairstyles to Try

If your client asks for a gender-neutral hairstyle, be prepared to recommend something perfect, like one of these looks! Before you select a hairstyle for your client, offer a consultation so that you can understand their lifestyle, needs and wants when it comes to their hair.


women with blonde pixie hair
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1. Textured Bob

If your client wants short hair but wants to have options to style it in different ways, suggest a textured bob. While this will leave hair off your client’s shoulders, it still gives them a good amount of hair to play with and style. A textured bob can be styled in various ways without being too high-maintenance.

2. Curly Pompadour

For clients with textured and curly hair, a great, neutral hairstyle is a curly pompadour. While the pomp is a very common men’s style, it looks fabulous on all genders, too. Curlier hair textures also give this style more volume, and it looks great on everyone.

3. Mullet

While mullets may have had a bad rap for a while, they are definitely back in style and they make the perfect gender-neutral haircut. If your client is all about a mullet, there are various ways to style it to make it look unique to their personality and modern.

4. Pixie Cut

Plain and simple, this is for the clients who want super short hair that isn’t quite a buzz cut and isn’t as long as a bob. We love this style because it can be elevated in many different ways to be more masculine or feminine.

5. Parted Bob

The parted bob looks great on everyone! Whether it’s parted down the side or down the middle, this is becoming one of the most popular hairstyles for men, women and non-binary people. This style is also manageable for every kind of texture.



man with long curly hair
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6. Undercut

For clients who want a party on top, but a clean cut on the sides, an undercut hairstyle is perfect. This style looks great on all textures and is absolutely gender-neutral. There are many different ways you can style an undercut, whether it’s with a pixie cut, mohawk or low bob. The possibilities are endless.

7. Buzz Cut

Is your client ready to shave it all off? If so, cool! Buzz cuts are a very popular style that all genders love to adorn! You can make this style unique by coloring or lightening it using professional hair color.

8. Asymmetrical Bob

If short hair is your client’s request, suggest an asymmetrical bob. This will give them an edgy look that’s short and manageable but still gives them the opportunity to style their hair.

 9. Angled Pixie Cut

For clients who would love a pixie cut but want to keep their hair a little longer, an angled pixie cut has many different styling options.

10. Long Hair Don’t Care

We truly believe that any hairstyle can be worn by anyone regardless of how your client identifies. And that goes for longer hairstyles, too. We love parting long hair down the middle or styling it half up or down. Either way, this style is a gender-neutral gem!


Ultimately, if your client is comfortable rocking it, it’s a genderless-appropriate style. There are no rules dictating which genders can wear which haircuts, so don’t be afraid to encourage your clients to think outside of the gender confines and try something brand-new!


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