Pride and Proud: 10 Rainbow Hair Color Ideas


Pride and Proud: 10 Rainbow Hair Color Ideas to Try on Clients

Is rainbow hair too much to ask for? Not for you! Rainbow hair not only looks incredible, but it could be fun to create on your clients.

And since Pride Month is right around the corner, we can’t think of a better hairstyle to help us celebrate all month long!

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There are a variety of ways to create the rainbow hair look that goes from subtle to bold. And as a stylist, it’s important to understand how to master the technique, as well as know different styles and options to present your clients with.

Since we want you to feel comfortable and confident creating rainbow styles for your clients, we have compiled a list of rainbow hair color ideas to try on clients. Make sure to stock up on salon developer and professional hair color! You’re going to need it!

These styles are guaranteed to satisfy your client’s craving for rainbow-colored hair. Before you get started, make sure to prepare your client for the amount of upkeep, time and money that this style requires! We are creating real art with this style!

10 Rainbow Hair Color Ideas to Try on Clients

Are you ready to see just how many ways you can achieve a rainbow style on your clients by using professional hair color? Let’s get into these creative looks.


1. Pastel Rainbow

For clients who want a rainbow style but want a more subtle all-over style, you can create a pastel rainbow. These pastel colors are lighter and work really well on lighter hair.

2. Hidden Rainbow

For clients who want a rainbow hair that only shows with certain styles like a half up half down look or an updo, you can create a rainbow gradient on the underside of the hair.

3. Rainbow Ombre

Going for a full head of rainbow color may be exciting for some, but other clients may want to retain their natural color while also embracing the rainbow. For these clients, you can try a rainbow ombre style, only coloring the ends of their hair. This is also an ideal style for someone who doesn’t want a lot of maintenance.

4. Holographic Rainbow Hair

Have you ever seen rainbow hair that looks holographic? Hairstylists can achieve this by using ash blonde and gray to elevate blonde hair and then weave in pastel colors strategically to make the hair look holographic.

5. Baby Rainbow

If your client wants a super subtle and unique rainbow color in their hair, recommend the baby rainbow. This involves painting tiny sections of the hair — no more than two inches long — in a rainbow gradient. This style mimics the way light shines through crystals or glass.

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6. Rainbow Gradient

If your client is looking for a rainbow gradient throughout their whole head of hair, you can paint rainbow sections that have distinct borders that go from root to tip.

7. Rainbow Highlights

Instead of opting for blonde highlights, clients may want the option to have a shadow root with rainbow hues running through their hair.

8. High Contrast Rainbow

If your client is all about bold colors, you may want to go full force on the color and let this style turn heads!

9. Rainbow Roots

For clients with naturally light hair or gray roots, a rainbow root is a unique take on the rainbow color trend. This can be a great way to conceal gray roots or bring a bold touch to light hair.

10. Rainbow Swirl

For clients with short hair, a rainbow swirl can be achieved around the head.


Maintenance Required for Rainbow Hair

When you create a rainbow hairstyle for your clients, you will need to inform them of the upkeep that this style requires. Here are some practices to go over with them.

  • Routine Touch-Ups – Since the rainbow hairstyle is filled with vibrant hues, your clients could need routine touch-ups more often to maintain vibrancy. Depending on the complexity of the style and amount of colors involved, this could not only be a costly visit initially but for touch-ups, too.
  • Wash Routine – Some colors fade faster than others, but most colors will fade with each wash, which is why it’s important to inform your clients about how to wash their colored hair.
  • Products that Help Vibrancy – Before your client leaves the salon, you should try to send them home with product recommendations to keep their color vibrant in between touch-ups.
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Are you excited to add these rainbow hairstyles to your skillset? Your clients are going to be thrilled with what you can accomplish!


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