The Best Haircuts for Frizzy Hair


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Every hair type has its challenges, but when frizz is a factor, things can get especially hairy. The good news is that with the right haircuts for frizzy hair, your clients might finally embrace their natural texture with a voluminous, free-flowing style. These cuts will work for all hair types, from slight waves to tight curls. The secret? It’s all in the cut — and the professional hair care products, of course!

Hair that tends to frizz or get “puffy” is more porous, and curly hair is naturally porous. Aside from genetics, any hair type can become more porous when damaged from heat styling or hair coloring. The hair shaft has an open cuticle layer that quickly absorbs moisture, but can’t retain it. Since porous hair is often dry and prone to breakage, frizz happens.

Think of these haircuts for frizzy hair as inspiration. Use your professional and creative skills to custom-tailor each cut for every client to flatter all face shapes. Style your client’s new ’do with frizz-busting products paired with volume-boosting formulas to enhance thin wavy locks or curl enhancers to help control and define thick curls.

The Trendy ‘LOB’ Haircut

The LOB is a nickname for “long bob.” The trendy medium-length hairstyle typically falls just above the shoulders, but can vary. It suits just about any hair type.

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This haircut often looks tousled, so let your clients know it’s very forgiving when it comes to frizz. It will help all types of hair look healthier. It works well for thick hair because it will reel in volume better than a shorter cut. Tailor it to flatter any face shape. Variations include a one-length blunt cut, bangs, face-framing layers, an asymmetrical cut and a wavy, side-swept style.

Style the LOB using professional styling products based on your client’s hair texture. A styling cream can help calm frizzy ends. Apply extra product to weigh down the ends and lengthen the look.

Brunette Shiny Brown Hair

A Short Modern Bob

The messy, modern bob is short, often chin-length, and doesn’t look anything like Anna Wintour’s signature ’do. It’s the complete opposite of perfectly straight hair and celebrates imperfections.

Variations include different length layers, bangs and more, but you can take this style any way you want. A few of the trending short bob styles include a shaggy bob, paper-cut bob and asymmetrical bob.

A short bob makes curls bouncy and more voluminous, while concealing any unruly locks. Advise your clients with damaged hair that a short cut gives the hair time to grow back healthier.

Need styling ideas? Several celebrities have sported short bobs. Rihanna’s effortlessly glamorous bob included a middle part and soft waves. Model and influencer Taylor LaShae’s version was a shorter (and messier) “French Girl bob.” Actress Yara Shahidi’s cute bob had curly bangs with a deep side part.

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Long Layers for Waves and Curls

If your client isn’t ready to chop off lots of length, suggest a long layered cut. Long layers are a good fit for waves and curls. You may consider cutting curly hair in long layers to allow curls to move more.

This hairstyle is free-flowing and uneven so a few frizzy strands won’t draw any attention. On longer styles, try using a hair oil, from the hair’s mid-point down to the ends, or an oil spray. Lightweight styling products that won’t weigh down the hair are another good option. For long curls, hair gel and a volumizing texture spray will help.

Final Tips for Frizz-Free Styles

Frizz-busting begins in the shower, and sulfate-free products are crucial in preventing dryness. For example, frizz-fighting Alterna hair products are formulated to seal in moisture and smooth the cuticle.

When styling, suggest that your clients air-dry their hair whenever possible. Or use a blower or hot air brush with ionic technology to promote smoothness. Keep in mind that you can also never underestimate the power of a good haircut. The styles featured here all play up texture, while reining in frizz.

On a final note, the haircuts for frizzy hair featured here are perfect for suggesting to a client complaining about frizz, especially if they often blow-dry their hair straight. Encourage them to love the hair texture they were born with and snip off any damaged ends to let their locks heal.


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