Hidden Rainbow Hair: 7 Coloring Tips


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Hidden Rainbow Hair: 7 Coloring Tips for Stylists

Are you just as excited about the hidden rainbow hair trend as we are? What’s not to love? Hidden rainbow hair allows everyone to embrace vibrant hair colors since it’s a more practical style.

While this trend is stunning, it can be tricky to create — depending on what your client wants. But don’t fear — we have listed some hidden rainbow styles and coloring tips below to help you create the coolest looking rainbow hair.


What Is Hidden Rainbow Hair?

If you haven’t seen hidden rainbow hair before, you’re in for a treat! This style has been around for a while, but it’s becoming more popular now. The hidden rainbow trend looks just as it sounds. Through some major artistry, hair stylists can lighten a client’s hair and give the lightened areas a rainbow hue. These rainbow strands are usually hidden throughout the hair or underneath the top portion of the hair — hence the name. The key to achieving this style is making it so that the rainbow strands are hidden in plain sight, but can easily be shown through strategic styling or even by running fingers through the hair. There are various ways to achieve the hidden rainbow look using professional hair color. Work with your client to understand their goals and desired look to create something unique.


Different Kinds of Hidden Rainbow Styles

If you’re interested in creating this look for your clients, here are some ways to create hidden rainbow hair with demi-permanent hair color.


Rainbow Underlights

Do you have a client who wears their hair down, but occasionally styles a half-up look? If so, you could turn the lower half of your client’s hair into a rainbow spectrum. The rainbow color could cover all of the under hair, or if your client is looking for a more subtle style, you could color just a few strips of hair.


Buzz Rainbow

Similar to the rainbow under hair, here is another way to create this trend subtly. If your client has buzzed portions of their hair, you could dye this portion a rainbow gradient. Whether your client has long hair on top or a pixie cut, this rainbow peek-a-boo will definitely turn heads.


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Hidden Rainbows Throughout

Now, we are going to be completely honest here. This style is going to require some expert mastery. Why? Well, this rainbow style is only seen when you brush the hair or run your hands through it in a certain way. To achieve this look, you will need to strategically lighten pieces of the hair and then color each strand to reflect a rainbow.


Rainbow Streak

For the clients who aren’t ready to fully take the rainbow plunge, lightening a chunk of hair and then dyeing it rainbow is a great way to wade into the trend.


Hidden Rainbow Hair Coloring Tips for Hair Stylists

Creating a hidden rainbow style can be challenging. Technically, creating any kind of rainbow hairstyle can present many different obstacles. However, with the right skill set, vision and determination, we know you can create this trendy style for your favorite clients. Here are some coloring tips to keep in mind.


1. Offer a Consultation – Host a hair color consultation with your client to get on the same page. When you’re trying a risky style like this, it’s critical to know exactly what your client wants and set expectations for them.

2. Section Precisely – Section hair very carefully, leaving hair around the color block section to achieve the “hidden” look. Leave a gap of natural hair color along the hairline, face, root and above the ear. Don’t section off hair for coloring too high up; otherwise, the style will not be hidden.

3. Lighten Dark Hair – If your client has darker hair, you will need to lighten hair prior to applying color for the brightest and best results.

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4. Map Out the Rainbow Colors – Determine color placement that can create a gradual blend and gradient.

5. Apply the Rainbow – Apply color from top to bottom for a smoother blend. Use thin sections when painting the rainbow so that you can identically duplicate the color placement on the other layers.

6. Rinse – When it comes time to wash out the color, you will need to wash the hair with cold water. This will prevent the colors from bleeding together and it will give them a more vibrant look.

7. Provide Client with Aftercare Guidance – In order to maintain the vibrance of their hair, your client will need to keep up with color-safe shampoo and conditioners and may need to come in for regular touch-ups.

Are you ecstatic to try creating this style for your clients? We hope these tips empower you to create the best style you can.


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