9 Messy Bun Hairstyles to Try on Clients


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What are your thoughts on messy buns? Whether you think they are reserved for lazy days inside or they should be sported on the runways at New York Fashion Week, there is no denying that the messy bun trend has been a staple hairstyle for decades. And we have some news: it’s not going anywhere.

While most of your clients will want a blowout before leaving your salon, you may notice some clients asking you to create the perfect messy bun. And that’s why we have written this article. Because while the messy bun looks effortless, it’s anything but easy to create — depending on the style you go for. If you are just throwing the hair up into a bun without trying to create the style, that may require little to no effort. However, when clients say they want a messy bun, they are most likely looking for a style that balances carefully pulled out, face-framing pieces and the right amount of messy. This requires knowledge of how to create several different styles of messy buns while also knowing which professional hair styling products to use.

So, let’s chat about the best messy bun hairstyles to try on your clients without further ado!


Messy Bun Hairstyles Your Clients Will Love

You are going to want to keep these messy bun hairstyles top of mind.


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  1. Classic Messy Bun

    – You can never go wrong with the classic messy bun look. This style is one of our favorites because it’s simple but stunning. Hair is neatly pulled back into a ponytail. Then, the hair is wrapped into a bun. Secure the bun with bobby pins and pull shorter strands out to create a messy look.

  2. Top Knot

    – For your clients who want a high fashion look, the top knot is a cool style. The hair is pulled straight up into a high bun. Everything is slicked up and the top knot is messy.

  3. Messy Low Bun

    – For clients who prefer a low bun look, a messy style can still be achieved. You could leave face-framing pieces out of the bun for a messy and chic look.

  4. Wide Low Bun

    – Messy buns can also work for special occasions. For example, a wide low bun can look great for weddings or work. While it’s a messy look, it still feels beautiful and put together.

  1. Messy Space Buns

    – If your client loves wearing two buns, messy space buns are perfect for festivals or for a client who wants an edgy and fun look.

  2. Double Buns

    – If your client wants a bun that isn’t too high or has shorter hair, you could try creating two buns close together on the back of the head. The shorter ends can be secured with bobby pins, but leave some out for the messy effect.

  3. Braided Messy Bun

    – Adding braids to a messy bun look is a great way to diversify the messy bun. You can either braid the bun portion, wrap it around itself and then secure it with bobby pins. Or you can French braid the base of the hair and form the end of the hair into a messy bun.

  4. Half Up, Half Down Messy Bun

    – If your client doesn’t want an entire updo, try a half up, half down messy bun. This bun can sit atop the head or toward the back.

  5. Twist-Up Messy Bun

    – Rather than having braids that lead up into a messy bun, you could twist sections of hair into a low or high bun.


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Supplies You’ll Need to Create the Perfect Messy Bun

As we mentioned above, a lot of planning and styling goes into this “effortless” style. Here are some of the tools and products you will need to keep on hand.

  • Texture Products

    Using texture hair products to create the perfect messy bun look is ideal. These products can help you create volume and keep hair in place.

  • Ponytail Holders

    – A ponytail, scrunchie or hair tie is critical to helping you create the messy bun style.

  • Bobby Pins

    – Bobby pins are your best friend for a messy bun style. You will need them to help secure the bun and make it look perfectly messy.

And just like that, your clients are going to have the most perfectly crafted messy buns in town. Remember that when it comes to creating a messy bun, each one will look different. So, try to have fun with the style and put your own artistic spin on it when you can.


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