4 Music Festival Hairstyles That Are Trending


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4 Music Festival Hairstyles That Are Trending

For many, live music is one of the most exciting and memorable parts of the summer season. It’s the perfect time to catch a popular artist or group on tour with a date or a great group of friends. Music festivals go a step further and combine this affinity for live music across all genres with impressive outdoor venues, yummy food, various art mediums and, of course, iconic music festival style. The fashion inspired by music festivals includes everything from impossibly cool boho outfits to bold and bright street style-inspired looks with lots and lots of glitter. Here are a few trendy music festival hairstyles to accompany any type of festival look.


1. Wild Waves: It doesn’t get much better than a classic, all-out wavy hairstyle. For the music festival scene, an iconic wavy look is free to be as relaxed or bold as desired. Wild and free-flowing waves in particular are a staple in music festival culture, though this year’s festival hair trends bring a few new twists to the table. Festival goers might consider a textured take on classic waves this year as it parallels recent industrial and structured fashion trends. After waves have been created with a curling rod, wave iron or overnight braids, all that’s needed is a long-lasting salon hairspray and a touch of teasing.


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2. Hardware Hair: Headbands, barrettes and clips have their shining moments outside the festival gates, but once inside, it’s all about shiny metallics, chain links and studs. This trend involves anything from brushed silver pins and edgy gunmetal ponytail covers to girly clips, claws and combs in glistening gold hues. Wearing metal or metal-inspired hair accessories is totally customizable and can be tailored to fit a range of looks.


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3. Chic Color: It’s normal to think of music festival hair as an all-over bright blue look that stands out in a crowd of thousands, but this year focuses on a softer perspective. Instead of flooding the hair with intense color, trending festival styles are revealing a more subtle wave of creative hair color. For blondes, this might look like a wash of light pink or blue near the ends of the hair or in certain sections. Brunettes and redheads can also rock this trend by utilizing temporary hair color spray until the desired shade is reached. All of these looks are best followed by hairspray and other professional hair styling products to keep the color visible and the style held in place!


4. Fresh and Floral: It’s all but impossible to go to a music festival and not see a flower crown atop the heads of at least a few other attendees. While the flower crown remains a popular, fun and festive hair accessory for music festivals everywhere, it can also be adapted and made unique. Recent festival-inspired trends have exemplified a few flower crown adaptations already, making for some serious summer hair goals.

For a fresh take on the classic flower crown, think about placing fresh or faux flowers in various sections of the hair instead of just around the crown of the head. Due to their quick styling process, pigtail braids and fishtails are perfect for beginners and time savers alike. The process is as easy as braiding, adding flower stems in between braided sections and making it last with a spritz of professional hairspray.


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No matter what hairstyle you decide to rock while attending a music festival, the most important thing is to ensure that it holds all day. Remember to use hairspray and other professional products to keep your hair lasting throughout the event!


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