8 Sleek Ponytail Styles to Try on Clients


Blonde Woman Ponytail

Few hairstyles are as simultaneously chic, trendy and practical as the ponytail. Whether slicked back and positioned atop the head or parted and placed low at the nape of the neck, the ponytail brings an effortless polish to your whole look while keeping hair out of the eyes. There’s a reason why pretty, slicked-back ponytails are often the go-to looks for style icons like Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry and Beyoncé.

Mastering a sleek ponytail is an excellent way for stylists to please their clients’ need for something dressy yet effortless, ideal for all sorts of special occasions and chic daily looks. Before attempting your first ’tail, make sure to stock up on the best hair styling products and tools to keep the hair sleek and secured.

  1. High Ponytail with Tie Wrap — If you want to take a basic tossed-up style and transform it into a chic updo, you’re going to want to make sure you conceal the hair tie. A hair-wrapped ponytail is super simple to master and it creates a unique, neat look that’s worthy of formal looks. Keep the wrap and strands in place with hair pins and high-hold spray, like popular picks by Sexy Hair Products.
    Brunette with Ponytail
  2. Middle Part Ponytail — Who says you have to brush all the hair back to achieve a power ponytail? The center-parted ponytail is a favorite of Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian, who have been known to rock it low at the neck as well as high atop the head. Kim K. is also a fan of the baby center part at the front with two pulled down pieces to frame her face. This classic look harkens back to the ’90s yet still keeps it fresh.
  3. Braided High Ponytail — Another favorite of the fashion world’s elite, the braided high ponytail brings a slick, stylish aesthetic that’s just a little bit different. This one looks best on clients with longer hair, but you can still achieve it on shorter locks by adding an extension.
  4. Loose Middle-Back Ponytail — When we think of sleek ponytails, we typically think of brushed-back looks with no strand out of place, preferably held in place by a high-hold gel or hair spray. But a looser updo can look equally as stylish if you are intentional about the way you achieve it. Teasing the crown up slightly so the hair doesn’t rest directly on the head and pulling out some loose pieces around the face can help you create a super stylish look that doesn’t look too tight.
  5. Barbie Ponytail — The Barbie ponytail or doll ponytail is named as such because it attempts to mimic the high, swirly ponytail from the classic Barbie logo. It has a chic, retro-inspired vibe that works well with all types of hair styles. To achieve this look, you’ll want to part your client’s hair on the side for a dramatic part and then use a large-barrel curling iron to create the perfect upward flip at the bottom.

Brunette Curly hair ponytail

  1. Extra Volume Ponytail — If your client is working with a ton of curls or volume, make sure it shows in their ’tail with the ultra-chic curly or wavy look. With this style, we say tease and texturize to your heart’s content — using the right texturizing spray, of course — to get as much air and curl into the ponytail portion as possible. For the perfect contrast and to make the pouf look even bigger, slick back the top part of the hair at the roots.
  1. Accessorized Ponytail — Clients who love accessories will appreciate this look, which starts with a basic ponytail that serves as the blank canvas for your one-of-a-kind ponytail. Take it up multiple notches with big, oversized bows and hair clips positioned at different intervals down the tail. These days, we’re also seeing a ton of style icons integrating hair chains as part of a ponytailed look.
  2. Bubble Ponytail — The bubble ponytail is somewhere between a regular ponytail and a braid in terms of both style and effort. To achieve this look, put your client’s hair up in a regular high pony or just below the crown. Using three to five hair ties, section the hair off at even intervals creating the chic bubble look.

Stylists looking to satisfy their clients’ need for comfortable, versatile and ultra-stylish updos will want to have a few of these posh ponytails under their belt. Each of these easy and sleek looks is sure to become a fast favorite among your clientele for special events, photo shoots and day-to-day styles alike.


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