How to Add Volume to Fine Hair


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Everyone loves a little extra volume and dimension in their hair, but for those with finer or short hair, volume can be hard to achieve. While thin hair tends to fall flat, small changes can help boost volume such as changing your part or going for a shorter haircut. Whether you have thin hair or you’re a hairstylist looking for ways to give your clients more volume at the salon, we are going to share some of our tried and true techniques for achieving more volume with fine hair.

How to Add Volume to Fine Hair

From using the right products to styling hacks that make your hair look more voluminous, this is how to get the most volume for your client even when their hair naturally falls flat.

  • Wash The Hair with Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner — Start by prepping hair with care products that amp up the volume. Using volumizing products from trusted brands, such as Big SexyHair products, will prepare the hair for that extra va-va-voom. Make sure to only use conditioner on the ends and through the middle of the hair, leaving the roots out. Some conditioners can weigh down the roots, which may hinder volume.
  • Suggest Your Client Use Volumizing Products Regularly — Aside from washing hair with volumizing shampoo and conditioner, you also want to use professional hair care products such as a thickening mousse on your client regularly to help them achieve their desired volume. If the hair responds well to hair spray and the product usually doesn’t weigh down their style, it’s a great idea to have your client invest in a lightweight hairspray that brings texture and volume to their locks.
  • Blow Dry The Hair Upside Down — If you plan on straightening or curling your client’s hair after you blow dry it, try flipping their head upside down and running the blow dryer through the hair. Drying the hair like this will give you the best volume, even after you style it.
  • Use a Round Brush While Blow Drying — If you don’t want to curl or straighten your client’s hair after you blow dry, use a round brush to create dimension and volume as you’re drying their hair. Make sure you brush the hair from underneath and pull the brush up and outward to create the most volume.
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  • Opt for Curls — If your client wants more volume, opt for a wavy or curly style rather than a straightened look. Curls naturally add more bounce and dimension to hair, which can make it appear thicker than it is. For a more voluminous look, brush out the curls and style them with some texture spray.
  • Use the Teasing Method — Gone are the days when we teased our roots to high heaven. While the ultra-high tease may be out of style, slight teasing with a comb is still a great way to gain volume. For a subtle and natural look, start with your innermost layer of hair an inch down from the roots and tease your client’s locks. Then, brush the teased area gently to give the hair a smooth look. Finally, you can do this to other layers of their hair if your client wants more volume or let down the layers and tousle their hair.
  • Try a Half Up, Half Down Hairstyle — After the salon, If your client is trying to revive their second-day hair and add more volume, suggest they try a half up, half down style. For this look, split your hair into two sections — upper and lower — and pull the upper section into a high ponytail while leaving the lower section alone. Tease the roots of the lower section of your hair as well as the ponytail. You can also recommend they add some curls to this look to achieve extra volume.

Hair Extension Wig Tutorial Step by Step

  • Add Extensions — With extensions, you can add thickness and dimension to your client’s existing hair style. While hair extensions can be pricey and require a lot of maintenance and upkeep, this could be a great way to give your client’s hair more volume and keep it.

Whether you’re hoping to give your client’s hair more volume day-to-day or just for a special occasion, these tips will help you and them achieve the hairstyle of their dreams! If their hair is thin and damaged from color processing or the use of heat tools, you can help them naturally make their hair thicker by giving it a break from the coloring and styling. Suggest conditioning treatments for thin hair that can help them nurse their hair back to the healthiest version of itself it’s ever been.


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