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Have you ever wondered where the latest hair trends and styles emerge from? Who decides what’s in and what’s not or which kinds of colors and styles are going to be trending this year? It’s simple — similar to the clothing styles we embrace every season, the trends come straight off the runways at New York Fashion Week.

New York Fashion Week is where trends are created and established. From clothing to hair and everything in between, consumers — like us — turn to the runways to see what’s next.

Today, trends can start anywhere — from social media to reality TV — but one of the most influential places known to set trends is New York Fashion Week. Everyone looks to the runway to learn what’s going to be prioritized for the season to come. From shoes to hair and clothes and accessories, fashion designers set the standard for what consumers will be wearing and wanting.

Don’t get us wrong — every trend seen on the runways doesn’t always make it to the mainstream. New York Fashion Week presentations can be over the top and avant-garde; however, they do serve as the inspiration for trends that are more realistic and applicable to everyday life. For example, if a designer creates a garment with shoulders that point toward the ceiling beyond the model’s head, you obviously won’t see the everyday, average woman wearing a garment like this out to dinner or to work. However, this design may influence ready-to-wear garments that have dramatic shoulder pads that are more accessible and easy to wear. And the same goes for hair trends spotted on the New York Fashion Week Runways. We may see models with their hair teased into a cone shape on top of their heads. While this may not always translate to the must-have style of the season, it could influence consumers to want more volume in their hair, which means they may need to be using texture hair products to achieve more volume.

So, who is in charge of determining which trends are translated into more mainstream must-haves? Well, it’s up to you, really! We are going to share some of the most unique hair trends seen on the runway this year and what that could mean for hairstyle trends. As you’re learning about these trends, it’s up to you to see which one excites you the most. And if you’re wondering how you can take these Fashion Week trends and make them applicable to your hair, don’t worry! We will decode these styles and show you how they can become practical, trendy looks that fit you perfectly.

Whether you’re a hairstylist looking for the latest styles and coloring trends to learn or you’re looking for inspiration for your next hair appointment, we are sure you’ll find the trendiest styles here.

New York Fashion Week Hair Styles and Trends

If you’re looking for the latest hairstyles, colors, and haircuts, you have come to the right place. We will break down the styles that took New York Fashion Week by storm.

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Messy Updo

If you’re ever running late in the morning and don’t have time to do your hair, you can potentially embrace this undone updo. On the runway, there were a lot of whimsical updos that embraced untamed baby hairs and flyaways. This look also pairs well with a more natural makeup look or a bold swipe of color on the eyelid. To give this messy updo a more polished look, leave out two strands of face-framing hair and curl them with mousse or hair gel. This is how they do it on the runway!

Pomp It Up

Do you have shorter hair? If so, this trend may be perfect for you. If you’re familiar with the pompadour, great! If not, a pompadour is where the front of the hair is rolled back, which meets with the side hair that is brushed up, creating a pouf on the top of your head. This style is very common for men and women who have shorter hair. We saw this trend sweep runways in a more dramatic way, but as we mentioned, it’s okay to tone down these trends to make them work for you! Whether that means you wear the pompadour style that you know and love or you create a Snookie-like pouf for a portion of your hair, the trend is entirely up to you. This trend could also be accomplished by adding more volume with professional hairstyling products.

Twisted Parts

There were definitely some whimsical and romantic hairstyles that took to the runway during New York Fashion Week. One of these styles looked like twisted bangs pulled and pinned to the side. The easy-to-achieve style is stunning and can give you a polished look in seconds. This style hack can be worn with wavy, curly, straight or short hair. It’s versatile and works for everyone, which we can definitely cosign.

Natural Texture

The world has definitely shifted over the last few years to prioritizing more of a natural look when it comes to beauty. From hair to makeup, we are seeing fashion embrace the push and desire from consumers for more naturalness. On the runway, we saw natural, heat-free hair textures from barely-there waves to voluminous curls. The key to getting this trend right is finding the right products for your hair. In order to do that, you will need to get to know your hair’s natural texture.

natural hair texture image

A lot of us style our hair every day with heat products, which can not only be damaging to our natural style, but it could also make it hard to determine what our hair looks like naturally. Spend a few days with your natural hair to understand what it needs and how it feels. Then, you can find the ideal products that enhance your natural style. You can easily play up or smooth your waves with the right texture cream or mousse, as well as define curls and tame frizz with a defining hair gel. It may take more time to get used to styling your hair like this in the beginning, but once you get the hang of it and have the right products, you’ll be looking like you came straight off the runway.

Puff Bubble Pig Tails

Fashion designer Tia Adeola showcased beautiful black hairstyles during their runway show with styles that are reminiscent of TLC’s Left Eye Lisa Lopes. If this show was any indicator of hair trends that will be hot this year, we predict puff bubble pigtails will be top of the list. Adeola’s show also boasted beautiful braids arranged intricately around the head.


Center Part Braid

Remember when Gen Z said that the middle part is out? Well, it hasn’t had its last reign yet. On the runways, we saw an innovative middle part braid that we cannot get enough of. How does it work? You’ll need to know how to French braid to achieve this look. You can start by parting your hair down the middle and then working from front to back. If you have a friend who is also a great French braider, recruit them to help. This style works on all textures and is sure to turn heads just as it did on the runway.

Dramatic Side Part

We aren’t trying to be a contradiction here, but a style that we also saw a lot of on the runway was the side part. Can the middle and side part co-exist? We think so! On the runway, we mostly saw the side part styled in a dramatic but tamed way. While the side part usually starts just a half-inch about the ear, the hair is swept behind the opposite ear and secured with gel or a bobby pin. If you’re not used to rocking a side part, you can start embracing this style more subtly and then gradually increase your side part as you get more comfortable. This style also works for all hair textures and lengths.

Swoopy Waves with Layers

Layers come in and out of style, and while there are a lot of blunt trends, we saw a beautiful take on long, layered hair that’s curled in toward the ends. This style creates a flowy, polished look that can be jazzed up with a statement barrette or headband.

ultra-short bangs image


Love them or hate them, bangs were seen all over New York Fashion Week. Now, how you decide to bang is entirely up to you, but one of the most popular interpretations we saw of the trend were ultra-short bangs. This style isn’t for everyone, but it’s actually a really cute look. There are many different kinds of bangs from blunt and shaggy to curtain and wispy. If you’re unsure which style works best for you, consult your hairstylist!

Low Pony

When you put your hair into a ponytail, where do you position it? Have you ever tried the low pony? Sure, the low pony can be an anti-climactic hairstyle, but the way it was done at New York Fashion Week is something to keep your eye on. Every kind of low pony had an embellishment. Whether it was a silk scarf or gold wire, these low pony looks were far from ordinary or boring. Next time you want a hairstyle that’s sleek, polished and easy to create, go for the low pony and add an accessory to jazz it up.

Hair Jewels

Thanks to HBO hit show Euphoria, we have seen hair get bedazzled in all kinds of ways. This fashion week, we saw hair jewels being placed down a center part or on the hairline itself. While you may reserve using hair jewels for a special occasion, we love the idea of making it a part of your regular styles. Fashion designers also think so.

The Wet Hair Look

The wet hair look has been heating up for a while now, but we think it’s becoming something you’re going to see a lot more. The wet hair gives you the appearance of having drenched locks by using hair products like gel or oil to create a sleek look.

untamed hair texture image

Untamed Texture

If you’re looking for voluminous hair that breaks all the “rules,” you may want to embrace the untamed texture trend. This trend can work on any natural style. All you need is some hairspray and a comb. You can tease out your ends and roots to create volume and then shape the hair the way you want it to lay.

Choppy Bob

If you have been wanting to cut your hair super short, but you have been waiting for the perfect moment, now is the time! The Choppy Boy Bob has made its way to the runway. While you may be thinking that the bob requires a lot of maintenance, the style we saw on the runway had a rather undone appearance. All your bob will need is a little anti-frizz serum and you’re good to go. Of course, this style has so much potential beyond what we saw on the runway. You could add waves or curls to the bob to glam it up or give it volume or straighten the bob for a sleek and sharp look.

Statement Barrettes

Now is a great time to break out that barrette or clip stash you have under your bathroom sink. Barrettes are in and they are making a fierce comeback. Get creative with your barrette placement or stack them for an extra trendy look.


You’re ready to take 2022 by storm with these New York Fashion Week-worthy hairstyles! Of course, you will want to put your own personal style on these trends to make them work for your everyday life, but we know you will look amazing sporting these styles!


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