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Pearl blondes have more fun — so they say! If you’re hoping to get your locks looking pearly or you’re a stylist who wants to perfect the look and color for your clients, you have come to the right place.

There is a certain level of finesse required to achieve pearl blonde hair color, but with these tips, you will have pearly blonde hair in no time.

What Is Pearl Blonde Hair?

When you think about blonde hair, what colors come to mind? Blonde hair can take on many different tones, depending on the client’s hair, the toner used and the client’s needs and wants.

Typically, blonde hair will be made up of brassy, yellow and gray tones. However, pearl blonde hair does not include yellow or brassy tones at all. Think of this color as mimicking the color and iridescence of a pearl. Instead of yellow, the hair is toned to boast more gray tones. The color is icy and it may incorporate a slight purple or pink tone to give it a multidimensional look.

While ash blonde hair and pearl blonde hair may be very similar, they have different undertones. Pearl blonde hair has warm undertones while ash blonde hair has cool undertones.


How to Get Pearl Blonde Hair

Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your next hair salon appointment or you are a stylist looking to brush up on your toning skills and knowledge, reference these steps to achieve pearl blonde hair.

  1. Lighten Hair

Most hair will need to be lightened using professional hair lightener to get it to an ideal spot for toning. For those with dark hair or hair that has been colored before, this may require multiple lightening processes to get the hair light enough. The hair needs to be taken to almost a white base so that it can be toned to a more pearly color.

back of long light blonde hair
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  1. Paint in or Create Dimension

Pearl blonde hair is known for its range in dimension. Whether the client wants some low lights or subtle hints of pink and purple, you can paint in dimensions using professional hair color after the hair is lightened. 

  1. Tone the Hair

This is where the magic happens. After the hair has been lightened and the bleach has been washed out with cold water the hair should be toned to achieve the pearl look. Hairstylists can use a pearl blonde toner to get the hair to the desired color.

  1. Style Hair

After the hair is toned and rinsed, you can style the hair to reflect the beautiful pearl tone you have created.


Upkeep for Pearl Blonde Hair

Everyone wants to keep their hair looking like it’s fresh out of the salon even months after they had their last visit. But the upkeep for certain styles like pearl blonde hair requires a lot of attention. Don’t worry — here are several ways that you can keep pearl blonde hair looking fresh.

  • Purple Shampoo

    – After a few washes, you may notice that your pearly blonde hair looks a little lackluster. You may also notice more yellow tones — especially if your hair was previously dark. You can keep these yellow tones at bay with purple shampoo. Apply purple shampoo once or twice a week — depending on how much you need to. Purple shampoo may also deposit some purple into your hair, giving it a cooler look.

  • Pearl Blonde Hair Masks

    – A hair stylist may be able to recommend a pearl blonde hair mask to keep hair looking fresh out of the salon. You can use this treatment as often as you need to.

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  • Stop By the Salon for a Refresh

    – If your roots are growing quickly or your style of pearl blonde hair requires a little more upkeep, you may want to stop in to see your stylist. Here, your stylist can tone the hair or touch up your roots. Your hair will look fabulous!

  • Remember to Deep Condition

    – Aside from keeping your color looking fresh and bold, you will also need to deep condition the hair often. Lightening hair — especially as much as this style requires — can cause your hair to feel dry or brittle. However, a deep conditioning mask can relieve a lot of these side effects to give you soft, healthy hair.


Are you ready for this pearl blonde style? It’s definitely a trendy look that will remain popular for quite some time!


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