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Have you been noticing more clients asking for a purple hair color or style lately? Well, you’re not alone. Purple hair color and styles have been on the rise lately, and we see this color interpreted in many ways.

From purple streaks to an ombre that blends well into a client’s natural hair color, these purple styles are going to be all the rage this year. But why is there a rise in color hair trends? Well, people seem to be more accepting of hair with different colors. Whether you work in a corporate setting or are more entrepreneurial, colored hair is something everyone can embrace.

Whether you have a lot of experience with purple professional hair color or very little, these hairstyles range in complexity. And we believe there are styles that every stylist is capable of recreating.


Who Does Purple Hair Look Best on?

Before we start sharing our favorite purple hair color styles your clients will love, let’s discuss how purple hair looks on everyone. At SALONORY, we believe anyone can embrace different hair colors, but if your clients ask you whether purple will be a flattering color for them, here are some examples to relay.


  • Depends on the Hue of Purple

    – As you can imagine, several different hues and shades of purple exist. While one client may want a dusty lavender and the other may want a true, deep purple, these colors can give your clients completely different looks. Dark purple hues may look best on people with darker skin tones and features like brown eyes. Whereas, the purple wash look will look great on those with fair skin and light features.

  • Neutral Skin Tones

    – If your client has a neutral skin tone, meaning it’s not warm or cool, purple would look great on them because this color acts as a natural color corrector.

  • Brown Features

    – Does your client have naturally brown hair or eyes? If so, purple could make their natural features pop.

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Purple Hair Color Ideas Your Clients Will Love

Whether your client wants to embrace purple to the fullest or wants a style that subtly incorporates shades of purple, it’s wise to keep these purple hair ideas in mind.


  1. Subtle Plum and Brown

If your client has a strict job or lifestyle that doesn’t allow them to have colorful hair, they could always try a more subtle wash of purple. You can help your client achieve this by weaving in thin purple pieces of PRAVANA VIVIDS Wild Orchid hair color or doing a color glaze.


  1. Dusty Purple Ombre

Try a purple ombre for clients with dark hair who want bright, vibrant purple. This will fade to a dusty, lighter look. You will need to pre-lighten hair in order to get such a vibrant purple hue.


  1. Purple Streaks

For those clients who want bold purple, but also want to be able to show it more on some days and hide it on others, placing purple streaks strategically throughout the hair can achieve this. Whether your client wants a few streaks or one, it’s easy to customize.


  1. Purple Tips

The less dramatic version of an ombre, but still a popular option, purple tips are cute and can range from subtle to striking. This style will stand out on blonde hair, but dark hair can be lightened before applying purple to the tips.


  1. Purple Gradient Hair

While having purple hair may be cool, having a gradient of purple and similar colors like pink and blue is cooler. While adding in purple highlights, find colors that are close to it to create dimension.


  1. Shadow Root with Purple Hair

For those who want to retain their natural color while also embracing purple, offer a shadow root with purple starting toward the top to the middle of the head.


  1. Silver Purple

Purple and silver work so well together because they cancel out yellow tones in naturally blonde hair, as well as lightened hair. You can start toward the top of the hair with purple and then blend out to silver or vice versa.

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  1. Pastel Lavender Wash

For your blonde clients, a pastel purple or lavender wash of color can create dimension. This look is subtle and will fade fast, but it’s perfect for the client who wants color, but something more realistic.


  1. Purple Balayage

Balayages aren’t just reserved for blonde highlights. You can also use the balayage method to paint purple streaks into your client’s hair.


  1. Purple Blonde

Do you have clients who have platinum-colored hair? They may be open to trying a purple wash over their platinum to reduce any yellowing. This will also give them a subtle, purple look.


Your clients are going to love these purple hair color ideas! We can’t wait to see the purple styles you will create!


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