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10 Boho Salon Decor Ideas


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10 Boho Salon Decor Ideas for a Trendy Space

Are you looking to give your salon a boho vibe? If so, you have come to the right place. We have all the boho salon decor ideas and design inspiration you could ever need. What’s not to love about this modern, warm and inviting design aesthetic that also lends itself well to salons? Whether you’re remodeling your entire salon or you just want to give it a facelift with boho accents, we have design inspiration for every kind of salon at any stage.

What Is the Boho Design Aesthetic?

Let’s start here if you want to learn a little more about the boho design aesthetic and process. Boho stands for bohemian and it is commonly known to incorporate organic elements and nature. Below, we will include some different colors and materials that instantly give your salon a boho aesthetic.

  • Boho Colors – As you shop for salon decor or think about colors to paint the interior of your salon, you should keep earth tones and natural colors in mind. Each interpretation of the boho design aesthetic is going to be different. So, while your base colors and wall colors might be beige or white, you can incorporate colorful, unique accents around your salon.
  • Boho Materials – As you start to pick out furniture to match your aesthetic, prioritize pieces that have a natural, boho feel. Some of the materials you will see most in the boho aesthetic are exposed wood, crochet, macrame and lace.
  • Boho Decor – Boho decor pieces alone could give your salon a completely different look and feel. Some of our favorite ways to add bohemian touches to your salon are by incorporating plants, swapping out footrests at the backwash station with boho poufs and decorating with bohemian accents like containers to hold professional hair care products and tools. We love vases with mosaic tiles in them or one-of-a-kind dishes that can hold jewelry or business cards.
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Boho Salon Decor Ideas

Instantly elevate your space and give your salon a boho aesthetic when you implement these boho salon decor ideas.

  • Add Plants – There are so many benefits to having live plants in your salon, but they also look incredible and can instantly give you that boho aesthetic you’re going for. Fake plants will also give you the look if you don’t want the commitment of live plants.
  • Hang Macrame Plant Holders – Macrame plant holders will help you create a bohemian feel in your salon. The crochet material fits the aesthetic perfectly and looks dreamy in salons.
  • Decorate with Boho Style Pillows – Boho pillows are great because you can have many different styles as long as they fit within a certain pattern or color scheme. These pillows will go great on backwash station chairs or the waiting room couch.
  • Use Rope Rugs or Tables – A rope rug or table is another bohemian accent that’s easy to put into your salon. It gives your salon a rustic boho vibe.
  • Woven Baskets for Plants or Towels – Place floor plants in woven baskets or use floating wall shelves to hold woven baskets filled with salon supply store supplies like towels.
  • Allow Some Natural Light to Come In – If your salon has windows, open the blinds and let natural light shine through for an airy space.
  • Get Long Gauze Drapes – If you want to bring in more boho softness to your space, add cream or white drapes.
  • Woven Poufs Throughout – Add woven poufs to seating areas for your clients to rest their feet on or sit on.
  • Work in Caramel Leather Furniture – A statement couch is a great way to drive home your salon’s boho aesthetic. We recommend a faux leather caramel-colored couch that you can dress up with faux fur stoles or hand-woven blankets.
  • Create Intricate Flower Arrangements – If you can arrange for a faux flower arrangement as the welcoming centerpiece to your salon, this will definitely give your space boho vibes.
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Tips for Redesigning Your Salon

If you are embarking on a salon redesign, here are a few tips to keep you on budget and on track!

  • Create mood boards to plan out decor and color schemes.
  • Make sure it’s on brand with your current branding and marketing materials.
  • Set a budget and reevaluate it frequently.
  • Choose a timeless design that can grow with your business.
  • Invest in high-quality, classic equipment that doesn’t need to be replaced with every redesign.
  • Solicit feedback from your people and your customers before embarking on a huge redesign.

Are you ready to give your salon all the boho vibes? We hope this article helped you envision how your salon can incorporate the boho decor aesthetic into your salon.


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