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Hair Salon Website Design Inspiration and Tips


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Hair Salon Website Design Inspiration and Tips

As a salon, your website needs to be just as fabulous as the hairstyles you create for clients. While you may be focused on the other aspects of running a salon — like purchasing professional hair styling products and hiring talented stylists — putting effort and time into your salon’s digital presence is critical to your company’s success.

Why is a website so important for salons? Your website is where your clients can keep up with your pricing, availability and services. It’s also a way for you to attract new clientele and communicate with existing clients.


Whether you are redesigning your website or creating your very first website, we have compiled a list of hair salon website design inspiration and tips.


Hair Salon Website Must-Haves

Before we dive into some of the design inspiration and tips, we want to share some of the basic staples that every hair salon website should have. Your website is one of the most critical parts of your business, which is why we think it’s important to include these must-haves.


  • Location – Of course, your salon’s location should be found on your website. This is a must-have because prospective clients will need to determine where they can find you and if your salon’s location is close to them.
  • Contact Info – You should include multiple ways to contact your salon on your website. You could list a phone number and an email to ensure clients are provided with different ways to reach you.
  • List of Services – When prospective clients are looking at your website and determining if they want to visit your salon, they will most likely be looking for a list of services to see if your business fits their needs.
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  • List of Products You Use – If you like to use professional hair care products that have a mission behind them or that make your salon stand out from others, you should include this information on your website.
  • Hours of Operation – Similar to your contact information and salon location, your operating hours should be on your website.
  • Information About Your Stylists – Let prospective clients get to know the stylists you have on staff with hairstylist bios and photos.

Hair Salon Website Design Inspiration

If you’re designing a website, you are going to want to check out these stunning salon websites and apply these design tips to create a website that speaks to your customer and stands out!


1. Minimalist

If your salon follows a minimalist and clean decor style or aesthetic, you may want to create a minimalist-looking website. This style prioritizes a white background, clean design that’s easy to navigate and bright imagery. We love this example from Fringe Salon.

2. Luxury

Do you operate a luxury salon? Create a website that’s fit for your clientele and communicates luxury from the first click. Salon V NYC does it well with a minimalist design and tiny accents like its logo and imagery that give luxury vibes.

3. Bold and Bright

Is your salon known for its artistry and bold, colorful looks? If so, a bold and bright website may be the best way to stand out to future clientele. We love The Hair Painters’ use of bold pops of neon color, as well as thoughtful imagery that shows off their stylists’ work.

4. To the Point

If a complex website doesn’t sound like something you’re interested in, follow in the footsteps of Hairroin Salon. This salon only has a landing page that contains booking and contact info. It’s a striking website, but it gets straight to the point.

5. Interactive

If you want your salon’s website to capture your client’s attention, creating an interactive site that incorporates video and animation is a great way to set yourself apart from other salons. We love Hair & Co. BKLYN’s use of video, animation and interactive information about its stylists.

6. High Fashion

Make your website look like the inside of a fashion magazine with bold, editorial imagery and an iconic logo design. HAIRRARI does an excellent job of weaving together hair, fashion and a social mission through its website design.

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Are you feeling inspired? Every salon is unique and each website should reflect the salon’s branding and mission. If you’re unsure of where to start on your website design, have a meeting to determine the colors, branding and aesthetic you want to leverage on your website. These attributes should be identical to the branding, colors and aesthetic in your salon right now.


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