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7 Helpful Tips for Writing Hairstylists’ Bios


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7 Helpful Tips for Writing Hairstylists’ Bios

If you’re reinventing your salon’s website, creating a new digital platform or beautifying your salon’s social media pages, knowing how to write bios for your employees is a must.

Many times, the information you have about your stylists on your website or social media pages will encourage potential clients to book services.

Clients want to visit a salon and stylist who they feel they can connect with and trust, and bios — whether they be on your website or on social media — can drive bookings and retention. Bios are also a great way to weave in information about your salon that could differentiate the business and your people — like using professional hair color that’s vegan or sustainable.

There are many ways to create engaging and informative bios, and that’s why we would love to show you exactly how to write the perfect hairstylist bio.

How to Write the Perfect Hairstylist Bio

Follow these steps and techniques in order to craft the perfect “about me” and give your salon a personality by highlighting your people.

1. Determine Where You Want These Bios to Exist

To create the perfect bio, you will need to figure out where you will be publishing them. Whether it’s on social media or your salon’s website, every bio needs to be tailored to fit the place it’s being published. For example, if you are creating a bio for social media, it should be short, informative, and entertaining. The most important pieces to include will be your location, salon, specialties, and, of course, your name. For bios being posted to your salon’s website or submitted for press pieces, these bios can be longer and more in-depth — think a few sentences or a paragraph.

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2. Develop Questions for Your Stylists to Answer

If you are trying to craft unique bios for your salon’s website, but you are having a hard time pulling together interesting information, you can create fun question-and-answer interviews for your clients. Here are some fun and engaging questions that produce answers that lend themselves well to bios.

  • Why did you get into hair or the beauty industry?
  • What’s your favorite hobby outside of work?
  • What is one interesting/weird/silly fact that would surprise someone about you?
  • What’s your favorite song right now?
  • Is there a coloring technique or style that you love performing?
  • Do you have a nickname?
  • What’s the most exciting part of your job?
  • Who’s your dream client?
  • Are you using any hair salon supplies that you love?

3. Interview Your Stylists and People

Have you ever thought of creating virtual or video bios that could potentially live on your website and social media channels? While written bios are great, video bios are even more fun and engaging for everyone involved. Sit your stylists down and ask them the questions above on video to capture their personalities. Then, edit them down from one to three minutes each and post them to YouTube or Instagram.

4. Take Headshots

Every great bio incorporates some visual element. Make sure you take headshots or ask stylists for their own favorite pictures of themselves. You can make these headshots fun or professional, but they should match your salon’s branding.

5. Include Something Personal

While bios need to be informative and to the point, they should also include a personal touch and element that can appeal to prospective clients. By asking the above questions, you will most likely reveal fun and personal facts that will bring your bios to life.

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6. Run It By Your Team for Edits

Once you have finished the bios — whether they are written or virtual — run them by your team for feedback and edits. It will be nice to have everyone’s input, as well as feedback on how you can make the bios better.

7. Repurpose These Bios Everywhere

After you have crafted these bios, keep a running document of them where you can make edits and updates as needed. This will make it easy to access the bios when you need them and repurpose them for articles and educational and promotional opportunities.

It’s time to get your stylists excited about their upcoming spotlight! If you follow these steps, you will have bios that you can use to attract clients and new stylists to your salon. Remember to make these bios unique to your salon and your people. These should reflect your stylists’ personality and your business mission.


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