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How to Come Up with a Salon Mission Statement


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A mission statement is important for any operating business, but it can be something that’s overlooked when it comes to operating a salon.

Whether you are opening a new salon or revamping your salon business, creating a mission statement can be a great way to define your company, differentiate yourself and learn more about your salon and people. Creating a mission statement is just as important for your business as shopping for professional hair salon supplies can be.

Before you begin crafting a mission statement, it’s important to look at the components of a perfect mission statement and understand what makes them effective.

What Is a Mission Statement?

A mission statement is a description of your business and the services you offer, what your company stands for and how your salon differentiates itself. This description is usually packaged into a few sentences or it can be as long as a paragraph. A mission statement is used to unite a company and tell its story and they are usually included in a company’s business plans, promotional fliers, employee handbooks and more. When you’re crafting a mission statement for your salon, you can make it look and read however you would like it to. This statement should be unique to your business and feel true to your salon’s vibe.

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Why Does My Salon Need a Mission Statement?

If you’re wondering why your salon may need a mission statement, we are here to show you the doors it can open and how it directly relates to your company’s goals and ambitions. Here are some of the reasons why having a strong mission statement benefits your salon:

  • Having a mission statement in a salon’s business plan can make a salon look more professional — especially if a salon has just opened and is looking for funding and investors.
  • A mission statement unites your company and people.
  • Mission statements are great for listing, tracking and achieving goals.
  • Creating a mission statement allows a salon to go deep and learn more about its business, people and clientele.

How to Come Up with a Mission Statement

Are you convinced that your salon needs its very own mission statement? If so, we will walk you through how to create one that accurately represents and reflects your business. Follow these steps and you will have your very own mission statement in no time.

  1. Take Notes
    As you start brainstorming and writing your mission statement down, it could be helpful to take notes — whether digitally or handwritten.
  2. Define Your Who, What, Where and Why
    As we mentioned, your mission statement reflects your business and people to the outside world, which is why it’s important to get the basics down before you start writing. Asking yourself these questions will give you all the material you need to write a thorough mission statement. Ask yourself these questions to reveal your who, what, where and why:

    • What is the name of my salon?
    • Where is the salon located?
    • Who makes up our clientele?
    • How would I define myself and the people working at my salon?
    • How is my salon different?
    • What does my salon pride itself on?
    • Do we offer services or skill sets that are unique?
    • Are we using professional hair care products that center on a global issue like sustainability?
    • What do I want my salon to be known for?
    • What are some pieces of feedback that I have received from clients that have stuck with me?
  1. Look Up Example Mission Statements
    After you have come up with your own, unique answers that shed light on who you are as a business, it can be helpful to check out other mission statements to see how they flow and how they are structured. You may find mission statements that read like a generic template and you may find mission statements that are one of a kind. Which structure feels good to you?
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  1. Blast Draft a Mission Statement
    Once you feel like you have a good idea of what a mission statement looks like and how it should sound, take your notes from the questions you answered about your business and start writing. Your thoughts, grammar and sentence structure don’t have to be perfect because this is just a blast draft to get your ideas down on paper. You should be writing with emotion and excitement. We can refine this draft once you feel like you have covered all of your thoughts.
  2. Edit and Refine Your Mission Statement
    Your blast draft could be insightful in terms of leading you toward creating a mission statement that sounds great or it could show you what you don’t want your mission statement to sound like. Either way, it’s time to take the parts you are in love with and craft it into a well-written paragraph.
  3. Include These Points in Your Mission Statement
    As you are writing your mission statement, incorporate this important information:

    • Your salon’s name
    • Services you specialize in
    • Goals
    • Pillars your company prides itself on
    • Who your clientele is
    • Who your staff is
    • Why clients should choose your salon
  4. Get Feedback
    One of the last steps you should take once you have written your mission statement is to get feedback. Share it with your legal team, your people or your clients to make sure the statement is reflective of your salon.
  5. Post Your Mission Statement
    Where will you post your mission statement when it’s complete? We highly recommend creating signage you can put around your salon, as well as posting your mission statement on your website.

Congratulations on creating a mission statement for your company! This is an important step in defining your business.


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