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The Complete Hair Salon Cleaning Checklist


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At any given moment, there is a lot happening in a bustling salon. Throughout the day, things can get pretty busy with clients canceling or walking in without an appointment and your hairstylists and staff are probably hustling through the day without cleaning up. Our point? Salons can get pretty messy throughout the day, which can cause poor client experience and keep your staff from doing their jobs to the best of their ability.

So, how do you ensure your salon stays clean and allows your people and clients to have the best experience possible? Easy! You develop a salon cleaning checklist that you can use before the salon opens up, during the shift and then after the salon closes.

Having three cleaning checklists ensures that your salon stays in tip-top shape throughout the day. Clean salons boost employee morale and client experience. They also make it easier to buy hair salon supplies and organize inventory so that your salon is never running low on supplies.


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If you’re looking for salon cleaning checklists, keep reading to see how you can leverage these checklists throughout the day.

Before the Shift Hair Salon Cleaning Checklist

In order to have a clean salon throughout the day, it’s essential to start the day off with a fully stocked and clean space. Here are some cleaning and organizing tasks to prioritize before the salon opens.

  • Sweep the floors
  • Wipe down all equipment with sanitizing wipes
  • Dust off retail shelves and products
  • Make sure the waiting room is tidy
  • Stock coffee, water and other amenities for guests in the waiting area
  • Clean and organize the receptionist’s desk
  • Stock salon tools and products for stylists
  • Wipe down all salon station mirrors
  • Make sure wash stations are clean
  • Stock wash stations with towels
  • Ensure bathrooms are clean
  • Stock and clean employee breakroom

Throughout the Day Hair Salon Cleaning Checklist

Opening the salon with a clean and organized space will help the space stay tidy, but you may need to prioritize cleaning in between clients in order to keep things running smoothly. Here are some midday salon cleaning checklist tasks to complete.

  • Organize the reception area, including the waiting room and receptionist desk
  • Reorganize retail products that may have been picked up and misplaced
  • Replace inventory for products and supplies that are running low
  • Run a load of laundry to clean used towels and capes
  • Replace towels in the wash area
  • Check-in with stylists and staff to see if any stations need to be cleaned or organized
  • Replace and refresh water and other amenities and treats for guests
  • Sweep the floors
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End of Day Hair Salon Cleaning Checklist

By the end of the day, you may still have a salon that needs to be deep cleaned, but at least the mess and disorganization will be maintained throughout the day. By utilizing a cleaning checklist before the salon opens and midway through the work shift, you will find that the salon is much cleaner. This makes it so that your staff won’t have to clean too much by the end of the night. And even if your staff misses some items on the cleaning checklist, your staff in the morning will be able to make the salon spotless once they use their pre-opening checklist. Here are some cleaning duties to check off your list after the salon has closed.

  • Sweep the floor
  • Mop the floor
  • Sanitize and wipe down all salon equipment including salon chairs, salon stations, wash area chairs, the receptionist desk, waiting room furniture and processing area equipment
  • Deep clean salon bathroom and employee breakroom
  • Replace bathroom paper products like toilet paper, paper towels and tissues
  • Wash all dirty towels and place them in the dryer before closing down the salon to avoid mildew
  • Fold towels that were washed earlier in the day
  • Wipe down all salon station mirrors
  • Organize retail products and shelves
  • Tidy the reception and waiting area
  • If the salon has a kitchen, make sure dishes are cleaned and put away
  • Dispose of any expiring foods left in the kitchen
  • Re-stock retail products, salon supplies, coloring products and shampoos and conditioners
  • Vacuum rugs, if needed
  • Make sure the wash station is cleaned

You’re already on your way to having a cleaner salon that could drastically enhance the client and staff experience. A cleaner salon will also help you run things more efficiently.


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