How to Keep Curly Hair from Frizzing in Humidity


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How to Keep Curly Hair from Frizzing in Humidity

Summer is the perfect time to rock curly hair in its most natural state. From windblown styles to beach waves and everything in between, there are plenty of ways to give curly hairstyles a little extra flair, too. However, the summer humidity is notorious for putting a damper on curly hair in record time. Humid air is full of moisture, which can cause curly hair to frizz quickly upon exposure. Here’s how to avoid a bad hair day and keep curly hair from frizzing in humidity.

Prepare Accordingly

Whether it’s a sunny beach day, high-energy music festival or a spontaneous weekend getaway, every fun summer occasion deserves the protection and precaution of a humidity-proof hair care routine. The initial step in a humidity-resistant hair routine for curly hair is to research and make a list of haircuts for frizzy hair. This step helps set up the entire hair care routine for success and provides an extra layer of protection against stubborn summer humidity!

When it comes to humidity-friendly haircuts that work well for curly hair, short styles definitely take the cake. Hair stylists can recommend a chic bob or even a trendy lob, which adds a few inches to the classic bob style. Shorter styles do a great job of making curly hair look and feel more lightweight, which makes for a more comfortable hairstyle, curls that appear more bouncy and a healthier overall look. In terms of frizz protection, a bob, lob or other short hairstyle offers styling options that help hide frizz if and when it happens. Even when caught in the muggy aftermath of a rainstorm, a short curly hairstyle tends to favor a tousled look instead of looking frizzy.

If a client wants more length but still wants to combat frizz, stylists should consider a medium to long hairstyle with lengthy layers. In this case, the hair is less likely to appear dull or frizzy because the layers are separated and lightened up.

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Style for Success

Styling also plays a huge part in keeping curly hair free from frizz. The use of certain techniques and professional hair products have the ability to maintain silky smoothness and form a shield against stubborn humidity, helping curly hair look its best and stay that way all day! When beginning the styling process, stylists should use a lightweight hair serum to lock in smoothness while the hair is still damp. From there, it’s important to dry the curls appropriately so they stay defined and are less likely to get frizzy in humid weather. Stylists can use a diffuser to define and dry curls quickly or allow them to air dry after applying a leave-in treatment or curl cream.

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Once the hair is dry, it’s important to lock in all that definition! If the client’s hair is dry or very thick, it’s a good idea to use a professional hair oil on curls. Stylists should apply this product sparingly from midshaft to ends to avoid unwanted greasiness near the roots. A salon hairspray serves as the perfect finishing touch and an extra layer of frizz protection for any curly, professionally styled look!


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