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How to Get Butter Blonde Hair

As a stylist, you know that there are many shades of blonde hair color. Have you heard the latest and greatest blonde trend, butter blonde hair? No, we’re not talking about hair that looks like butter. This is actually called butter blonde hair and it’s a style and color to look out for this year.

Butter blonde hair is head-turning because it masterfully weaves in warm blonde tresses with bright pieces that add dimension. And the color looks incredible on a range of complexions.

Over the past few years, we have seen the icy blonde hair trend reign supreme, with more clients wanting cool-toned blonde or platinum color. However, we are seeing a shift toward a warmer, more inviting blonde that looks natural and healthy. If you’re an icy blonde fan, don’t worry — this trend isn’t going anywhere.

If you’re looking for hair color inspo to show your clients at the salon, we will be sharing all the details on how to get the butter blonde hairstyle with expert advice and product recommendations.

What Is Butter Blonde Hair?

Butter blonde hair is a warmer and richer-looking blonde that appears more natural than cooler-toned blondes. The base incorporates warm and cool-toned blonde highlights to give the hair dimension. This hair color got its name because it resembles butter. There are many different kinds of interpretations of the butter blonde hair color because it can be altered to better fit a certain complexion. This hair color can be embraced throughout any season, whether your client wants a warm look for winter or a bright style for summer. via Instagram powered by Squarelovin via Instagram powered by Squarelovin

How to Get Butter Blonde Hair

Depending on the natural color of your hair or your client’s hair, achieving a buttery blonde look can look a little different for everyone. However, these tips should guide you in the right direction of butter blonde tresses.

  • Lighten the Base Color – This hairstyle is easier and faster to create if you already have light hair or previously-lightened hair. However, you can go from a darker style to butter blonde hair by using a salon developer to lighten your client’s natural color.
  • Rinse and Tone – After hair has been lightened and processed, it will need to be rinsed and toned to the desired all-over blonde color your client would like.
  • Add Highlights – You can give your client butter blonde hair without highlights; however, if your client wants more dimension and a stunning look, we advise adding in both cool- and warm-toned highlights using professional hair color.
  • Rinse and Tone – After the highlights have processed, you will need to rinse the hair again and tone the highlights.
  • Style – Give your client’s new locks a blowout and take in the beautiful buttery color.
@hue_salonbyisha via Instagrampowered by Squarelovin
@hue_salonbyisha via Instagrampowered by Squarelovin

How to Keep Butter Blonde Hair Looking Vibrant

After your client leaves the salon or steps out of your chair, there is still a lot of work that must be done to maintain butter blonde hair. But don’t worry! We are going to share our highly-coveted upkeep tips designed to keep your client’s hair looking like it’s fresh out of the salon every day.

  • Deep Condition Once a Week – Whether the hair was previously light or it needed to be lightened at the salon, blonde hair is usually more brittle and susceptible to damage. That’s why it’s essential to deep condition once a week. Choose a deep conditioning mask that you love and apply it to the ends of your hair for soft and healthy hair.
  • Apply Purple Shampoo as Needed – We know that butter blonde is a warmer color, but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t benefit from a little bit of purple shampoo here and there. If you find your hair is getting too brassy or needs some brightening, you can apply purple shampoo to wet hair and leave it in for no longer than five minutes. Repeat as necessary, but don’t overdo it as purple pigment can be transferred to your blonde hair if used excessively.
  • Use a Hair Gloss – If your blonde is looking dull and could use a refresh, ask your stylist about using a hair gloss. You can buy hair gloss anywhere or visit your stylist to have them gloss your strands. A hair gloss enhances color and shine to give your hair a refreshed look.

If you’re thinking about getting that butter blonde look, now is the perfect time to visit your stylist and give your hair a makeover! Bring some inspiration pictures to your appointment so that you and your stylist can achieve the hair color you would like!


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