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Whether your client currently has layers or their hair is all one length, what’s not to love about the current chin bangs craze? If you have never heard of chin bangs before, we assure you they aren’t bangs for your chin — because that would be weird. However, chin bangs are bangs that come down to your chin while perfectly framing your face. If you’re still having a hard time picturing this style, think of curtain bangs but with more texture and layers. You’ll want to remember this hair trend as you’ll see it everywhere this winter.

We know firsthand that getting any kind of bangs can be a huge commitment and not a decision to be taken lightly. So, we have written this article filled with more information on chin bangs, as well as expert advice, information on how to use professional salon tools and product recommendations that can help you guide your client to decide if chin bangs are right for them!

What Are Chin Bangs?

We all know and love the popular curtain bang trend, but chin bangs give you a different look. Chin bangs are known to be more laid-back and a natural-looking alternative to the curtain bang. Chin bangs are usually cut a little heavier than typical layers, but they frame the face and stop right at the chin. If you’re looking to define your jawline, chin bangs are a great way to do so.

@_aislinghair_ via Instagram powered by Squarelovin
@_aislinghair_ via Instagram powered by Squarelovin

Which Face Shapes Look Good with Chin Bangs?

While we believe anyone can embrace any hairstyle they want or love, some may wonder which face shapes look best with chin-length bangs. It should be mentioned that any kind of bangs can be customized to flatter any face shape or meet the needs of anyone. With that being said, here are some of the many face shapes that look fabulous with chin bangs.

  • Round – If your client has a round face shape, we have good news! Chin bangs will look incredible on their face. Many celebs who have a round face embrace chin bangs already!
  • Long – If your client’s face is long and oval, they will also look incredible with chin bangs. This style will enhance their face shape and accentuate it perfectly.
  • Pear – For those with a pear-shaped face, chin bangs can help create the illusion of a defined jaw, giving the face more balance.
  • Oval – For an oval shape, regular chin bangs will fit their face frame perfectly!
  • Heart – Usually, curtain bangs look great on a heart face shape, so similarly, we think chin bangs will also complement this shape.
  • Egg Shape – Similar to an oval face shape, the egg face shape features wider cheeks and jawline. Chin bangs can give the illusion of a defined jawline and balance out the face.
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Product Recommendations and Hair Tools for Chin Bangs

While chin bangs may be lower maintenance than other kinds of bangs, you should still recommend your client use professional hair styling products to get a stunning look at home. Here are some of the products and hair tools we love using on chin bangs.

  • Texturizing Spray – Having chin bangs allows you to add texture and volume to your hair. A texturizing spray can easily create a beautifully messy and textured look.
  • Round Brush – If you love the look you get from a blowout, you can easily create voluminous locks with a round brush and a blow dryer.
  • Anti-Frizz – As you get used to your new bangs, you may notice that your bangs can be unruly at times. To mitigate this, keep anti-frizz serum on hand for smooth and shiny hair.
  • Dry Shampoo – Whether you go a few days without washing your hair or not, bangs are usually the first part of the hair to get greasy because we spend a lot of time touching our bangs and styling them. Dry shampoo can work wonders to keep grease at bay and increase volume.
  • Curling Wand – If you love voluminous waves, we highly recommend keeping a curling wand in your arsenal. A wand can create beautiful curls or waves. With chin bangs, your hair will look like layers of swoopy, stunning locks.
  • Straightener – Sometimes, your chin bangs may need to be tamed and styled more precisely, which is why we highly recommend investing in a great straightener. Your straightener can help you style your bangs while giving you stunning volume.

So, are chin bangs something in your client’s future? The best way to know is to chat it out with your client and share these points with them! We think they’re going to look fierce with chin bangs!


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