10 Chin-Length Haircuts Your Clients Will Love


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10 Chin-Length Haircuts Your Clients Will Love

Short hair, don’t care? Short hairstyles are high in demand, and understandably so. Shorter, chin-length haircuts are easier to maintain and there are many different ways to style them. If your clients are coming to you wanting a shorter hairstyle but aren’t sure which haircut looks best on them, this is your time to shine and make a recommendation that will not only impress your client, but also give them a fun, new look.

But which chin-length haircut should you recommend? There are so many different styles and it can be hard to choose one. Not only will we share some of the most popular chin-length styles and haircuts, but we also have a few tips that will help you recommend the right cut for every client.


How to Choose the Right Chin-Length Haircut

When it comes to recommending the right chin-length haircut for every client, there are a few things to keep in mind. At SALONORY, we believe that everyone should embrace styles that they love, regardless of what looks “flattering” or any other rules. However, your clients may ask you for advice about the kinds of haircuts that will look best on them. Keeping these considerations in mind can help you give your clients the best information.


  • Face Shape Your client’s face shape will determine how a chin-length haircut looks on them. Some of the face shapes that look best with chin-length styles are oblong, round, diamond and heart-shaped faces. But, of course, we think that anyone can pull off the look!


  • Hair Texture – Another important consideration to take into account is the texture of your client’s hair. For curlier textures, there may be some shrinkage, which could cause the hair to look shorter. For straight hair, your client may need to use professional hair care products to create volume and style the hair.
  • Lifestyle – While shorter hair can be easier to maintain, it’s not always a wash-and-go style. Shorter, chin-length hair requires some styling. It’s essential to gauge your client’s lifestyle to see if a shorter cut is ideal.
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  • Comfort Zone – Chopping hair to be shorter can be a huge adjustment for many clients. Determine your client’s comfort level with short hair and make sure you understand exactly what they have in mind for their hair.


10 Chin Length Haircuts

Now, let’s get into the many kinds of styles you can recommend to your clients the next time they want a chin-length haircut.


1. Textured Shaggy Bob

If your client wants a shorter cut with volume, recommend a textured, shaggy bob. This style will give your client choppy layers and a unique look. Recommend salon hairspray to your client so that they can achieve the salon look at home. You can also top this style off with bangs.

2. Asymmetrical Length Bob

For clients who want to embrace the asymmetrical look, recommend a bob. These bobs look great straightened or with curls. This is an edgier style that is still versatile.

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3. Blunt Cut

For those looking for a more avant-garde style or bold look, a blunt chop is a fun style to try.


4. Wispy Side Chop

If your clients wear their hair in a side part, a wispy side chop is a great style to recommend. This style also looks great as an asymmetrical cut.


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5. Layered Bob

For clients with thick hair and a lot of natural dimension, you may want to recommend a layered bob. This helps distribute the hair more evenly while also creating a unique look. This bob also looks great with a side part.


6. French Bob

If your client is looking for a cool-girl look, recommend a French bob. While these styles may be a bit shorter than chin length, they are so chic. You can also top this look off with bangs.


7. Micro Bob

For clients who want more volume on top with wispy hair toward the bottom, a micro bob is a chic and modern look for anyone.


8. Long Bangs with a Low Bob

Another bold style is long bangs with a low bob. This bob is a little longer in length, as are the bangs. The bangs can be parted down the middle or boldly cut to the front.


9. Voluminous Chin-Length Hair

For textured styles, a chin-length haircut will highlight their curls and give them a bouncy look.


10. Precise Bob

For those clients who love precision, you may want to offer a bold and precise cut. This means that all of the hair is cut precisely to the same length.


Do you feel inspired by these styles? Your clients are going to love them!


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