5 Classic Wedding Hairstyles That Are Timeless


5 Classic Wedding Hairstyles That Are Timeless

From white dresses and sparkly accessories to extravagant hair and makeup, wedding style is in a realm of its own. For hair styling in particular, there is much consideration and research that goes into any final wedding day hair look. The first decision in the wedding hair process is choosing between wearing the hair up, down or in a hybrid style. Because a wedding day is such a special occasion, intricate styles are a popular hairstyle choice among brides, but simple, clean looks are a great choice as well. Stylists should be ready to take on specific updo requests, different hair types and whatever else a bridal party might throw at them. Here are a few classic wedding hairstyles that have stood the test of time.


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1. Clean Bun: There’s nothing more iconic than a sleek statement bun hairstyle paired with a wedding dress. The look has defined bridal hair for decades and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon, thankfully. A clean-looking bridal bun usually includes a “just brushed” look, lots of shine and a side part that creates a swooping feature across the forehead. It’s great for brides who want something a little dramatic or striking while still keeping it simple. Stylists should secure a bridal bun with pins and a strong salon hairspray to keep the look in place all night long.

2. Half Updo: Brides can get the best of both worlds when it comes to wedding hair by choosing a half up, half down hairstyle for their big day. It’s a great way to keep hair away from the face while still allowing for some cascading curls, waves or straight locks as well. The half-up look allows for versatility in the styling department, including the use of professional hair tools, texture products and more.

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3. Loose and Wavy: In addition to updos with lots of body and texture, another classic wedding hair option involves leaving the hair down entirely and styling it in loose waves. It’s a great choice for brides with long hair and pairs well with romantic or natural dress and makeup styles. To elevate a full head of cascading, loose waves, stylists can recommend adding small hair accessories like pieces or pins embellished with stones or pearls.

4. Tight Twist: Much like the bridal bun hairstyle, a chic twisted look is super popular among brides who want to wear their hair up. This style can be executed in a few different ways depending on hair type, the bride’s preference and the style of the wedding dress. Popular twisted hairstyles for brides include a classic French twist and a look that features twisted sections along the sides and back of the head. These looks require precision, so stylists should come prepared with the appropriate accessories and styling products.

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5. The Perfectly Undone Look: Even though a wedding day is a very special occasion, it’s still very much appropriate (and incredibly popular) to go for an effortless and slightly messy bridal hairstyle for the big day. This works great for a range of half-up looks and updos. Plus, it’s easy for a stylist to pull off because it generally only requires pulling a few pieces down from an updo or out from the sides of the face. The result is very romantic and perfectly imperfect!


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