4 Short Curly Wedding Hair Ideas


4 Short Curly Wedding Hair Ideas

While it’s true that many envision a sleek updo or long, billowing waves on their wedding day, certain elements do not always make this a possibility. Due to the range of hair types and lengths among brides to be, however, there are numerous possibilities for every combination under the sun — from long, thick hair to short and curly locks. While the latter presents challenges when it comes to some iconic wedding hairstyles, there are still lots of options that cater to short hair, curls and any kind of wedding style. Here are some ideas for short, curly wedding hair.

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1. Crafted Curls: Brides with short, curly hair may be limited when it comes to updos, but that’s no big deal because the list of ways to wear the hair down on the big day goes on and on. For a set of special occasion curls, stylists should first wash the hair with a professional shampoo to ensure a clean start. From there, they can blow dry the hair with a round brush to create volume and body before going in with a curling iron to create perfect, uniform curls that will result in a more elevated look when compared with the bride’s everyday curls. It’s also okay to start with hair that hasn’t been washed for a day or two either because the natural oils in the hair will help the curls to stay set for longer.

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2. Textured Waves: If the bride wants a break from full curls on her wedding day, stylists can recommend a softer look that’s made up of pretty waves. The wavy look still offers lots of movement through the hair while creating a look that’s a bit more relaxed. To get textured wedding waves, stylists can use their favorite texture hair products in the form of a spray, gel, spritz or pomade to amp up gripping power and visible texture. From there, the hair can be folded into waves using a flat iron or pinned into retro Hollywood waves for a classic look.

3. Windswept Wonder: Many decide to cut their hair short because it makes it easier to manage. Short hair allows for lots of movement without all the tangling that comes with long locks. To get a touchably soft look for a bride with short, curly hair, consider brushing through the curls away from the head and following immediately with hairspray in order to create a look that mimics a constant breeze.

4. Pretty and Pinned Back: Though most short, curly hair won’t fit into an updo, a pinned back look comes surprisingly close. This bridal hairstyle removes the hair from around the face to reveal the entirety of facial features, which is crucial for getting top-notch wedding day photos! Stylists can customize this look based on hair length, but should stick to pinning hair to the sides of the head or gathering a section from both sides together at the back of the head. It’s important to use a strong professional hairspray to keep the hairstyle in place all night long!

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No matter which look is chosen for the big day, brides should rock their short curls if they have them and go for the style that makes them feel best. SALONORY has everything necessary for a professional wedding hair styling session, from pre-styling shampoo and conditioner to salon tools, professional hair styling products and much more. Salons and stylists can count on SALONORY brands and products to deliver wedding-approved results that last from the ceremony until the very last dance.


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