Messy Wedding Updo Techniques to Master


Messy Wedding Updo Techniques to Master

For some brides, a wedding look should strive for absolute perfection without one hair being out of place. Other brides (boho brides, we see you!) see their wedding as a chance to embrace perfectly imperfect styles and unique, quirky elements. This includes everything from music and decorations to wedding dresses and, of course, their wedding day hair look. Slightly undone wedding updos are a great way to nail a wedding look that’s authentic, stylish and perfectly lived-in. Here are a few messy wedding updo techniques for stylists to master before next wedding season.


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Perfectly Imperfect Pieces: While it’s important for stylists to be able to create polished and sleek bridal hairstyles, it’s important to know that not every bride envisions this for her big day. With a little help from a few professional hair styling products, it’s totally possible to create a wedding hair look that features a few imperfections while still looking nice. Whether it’s an updo or half-up style, the easiest way to create a messy wedding hairstyle is to pull a couple of small, face-framing sections of hair down. This creates a flattering look and contributes to a slightly messy style that brides love.

Messy Texture: A classic messy hair look usually involves strands that are textured and bold. It’s possible to take this idea to a bridal level when creating a wedding updo by adding professional texture products to the hair before securing it into an updo. Once the hair is textured to perfection, stylists should secure the hair into a classic updo of the bride’s choice. The resulting look is perfectly paired with dresses featuring lace details and other textured fabrics!

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Messy Volume: Body and height are two elements that are typically featured in wedding updos, though certain versions might come across as too put together for some bridal styles. In this case, stylists should consider a bridal updo that features a bit of messiness alongside volume and body. Thick brushes, combs and other popular salon tools are ideal for backcombing and teasing to create lots and lots of volume. A bit of messiness and texture looks great when paired with a wedding dress because it creates contrast and versatility within the entire bridal look.

Twisted Pieces: Though many bridal updos feature a gathering of small, twisted sections of hair that create a beautiful, dimensional look, they tend to lean more towards clean and kept instead of unique and slightly messy. To mess up an updo full of twists and turns (in the best way), stylists can take the skinny end of a comb or pick to pull a few twists and loops out from the head slightly. This will create more of a three dimensional look and add a bit of messiness since the hair pieces will range in size, style and height.


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Like any other wedding hairstyle, a messy bridal updo should reflect the desires of the bride. These techniques can be mixed together for the perfect combination of messy and polished. Don’t forget to set the look, either. Just because a look is deemed “messy” doesn’t mean it can’t be held in place by a bit of hairspray and other products. Try out these bridal updo techniques and get a little messy in the process!



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