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Are you dreaming of dark, chocolatey hair this winter? Join the club! It’s time to take our favorite morning routine and channel it all day with espresso brown hair color. We love this shine-producing color that looks incredible on anyone all year round. If you want to create this trendy hairstyle for your clients or you’re looking for color inspiration for your next trip to the salon, keep reading this article to get the tea on espresso brown hair.


What Is Espresso Brown Hair Color?

If you’re looking for a brunette hair color that has dimension and makes hair look healthy and thick, espresso brown hair color may be the one! This color takes cool-toned browns and weaves them with subtle highlights to create a coffee color and gradient throughout the hair. Not only is this deeper shade perfect for winter, but we love this color as a year-round style, too. Espresso brown hair color is known for resembling the deep brown shades of espresso, paired with light-colored foam that usually tops off the coffee. Stylists can achieve this look by using demi-permanent hair color and professional hair lightener.

Different Styles of Espresso Brown Hair Color

There are several different interpretations and styles of espresso brown hair color. Here are a few of our favorites.

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  • Espresso Brown with Caramel Highlights – For clients who have lighter hair and want a more subtle take on this trend, this style would be perfect. Start with an espresso brown on the base of the hair and then include caramel highlights midway through the hair to the bottom.
  • Chocolate Espresso Brown – If clients would prefer a style that doesn’t have bold highlights, a chocolate espresso brown hair color will give them a rich chocolate color throughout. Stylists can weave in some subtle lowlights to create more dimension.
  • Dark Espresso Hair with an Ombré – For clients seeking a deeper shade of espresso, dark espresso hair with a subtle ombré will do the trick.
  • Iced Espresso Hair – This hairstyle usually incorporates cooler shades of brown, but highlights or an ombré usually bring some warmth and brightness to the style. However, if your client prefers cooler-toned blonde highlights, an iced espresso would give them exactly what they are looking for.
  • Espresso Brunette Balayage – For clients who want deeper roots and a darker style, stylists can create an espresso brunette balayage.

How to Get Espresso Brown Hair

The way you approach creating espresso brown hair has to do with the client’s starting hair color and their desired outcome. If the client has naturally dark hair, you can create the espresso look with a balayage or ombré lightening technique. If the client has light hair and wants to go darker, you will weave in lowlights to make the hair a deeper shade of brown.


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How to Keep Espresso Brown Hair Color Looking Fresh

Whether you have espresso brown hair or you want to coach your clients on how to keep espresso brown hair looking as vibrant as the day they left your salon, upkeep is required. By using professional hair care products, you and your clients will keep their hair looking shiny, healthy and stunning.

  • Recommend a Gloss or Color-Depositing Conditioner – Your clients can visit you for a gloss in between appointments to keep their darker hues looking vibrant and fresh.
  • Apply Deep Conditioning Treatments – If your client’s hair is looking and feeling dull, it may need a deep conditioning treatment. Your clients can visit you for this or they can keep up a routine at home for hair that’s always nourished and shiny.
  • Use Purple or Blue Shampoo – For those icy browns and iced espresso styles, clients may want to use purple or blue shampoo to keep their style cooler. These shampoos can help remove warmth or brassiness from your client’s hair.
  • Limit Heat Usage – As we all know, using heat tools excessively on hair can cause damage. It also causes vibrant colors to fade quicker. If your client is hoping to keep their espresso brown hair for longer, they will need to reduce the amount of heat they use on their hair every week. Additionally, you may want to recommend a heat protectant to help shield the hair from even more damage.


We expect the espresso brown hair color to be popular for a long time, and we suspect your clients will be asking for the style.


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