9 Hair Photography Ideas for Instagram Posts



9 Hair Photography Ideas for Stunning Instagram Posts

Are you trying to step your salon’s Instagram game up? Or maybe you’re a hairstylist who is trying to grow and create their own brand on social media. Whatever the case, creating stunning content on Instagram is very important for salons and hairstylists today.

Consumers are using social media to find their new favorite things — from food to hairstyles and salons to go to. And this is why it’s essential to show up and stand out on Instagram.

But not just any photo of hair, salon logo or cute infographic will do. Your salon’s approach toward social media needs to be thoughtful. It also needs to center on high-quality photography and videography that showcases your people and the professional hair styling products you use.

The good news is that you and your stylists are probably already creating tons of beautiful content that can be used to attract new customers and keep your current clientele coming back.

If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to capturing photos or creating content for social media, don’t worry. At SALONORY, we believe in supporting you and your business throughout all aspects, including marketing and social media. That’s why we wrote this article! After reading, you should walk away with tons of inspiration on taking the perfect pictures for social media.

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Hair Photography Ideas for Instagram

Level up your hair photos with these photo tips and post them to Instagram to create a presence for your salon!


1. Before and After Photos

While this may not be news, before and after photos get people to stop scrolling. What’s even better is that these photos and this kind of content happen really organically in every salon. Have your stylists take before and after photos and edit them together to create a social post that’s share-, save- and like-worthy.


2. Editorial Hair Shots

If you want to showcase the artistry your stylists and salon create, you could arrange to style a bunch of models and hire a photographer to do an editorial-style shoot. These images are great for Instagram and your website.


3. Client Selfies

Do you ever have clients who don’t want their picture taken because they don’t have their makeup done or they aren’t wearing their favorite outfit? If so, have your clients take selfies of their new hairstyle in their own element. These photos will be relatable and could get you high engagement on Instagram. Make sure to get your client’s approval before posting!


4. Photo Backdrop Wall

Do you have a photo wall or a backdrop with your salon’s branding on it? Do you use these areas to take pictures and post them on social? If not, this is a great way to ensure that your salon creates content. Create a space in your salon that is the perfect photo op. You can have a backdrop, ring lights and other props that make your photo pop!

5. Don’t Forget Videos

Yes, take the photo! But, also, don’t forget to take a video. The most popular kind of content on Instagram right now is videos. So, while a photo is great, adding a video is even better!


6. Skip the Filter

When you’re taking pictures of the masterpieces your stylists create, you don’t want to mask the artistry with filters. Instead, go filter-free and shoot the photos in natural light.

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7. Pictures of Your People

While your clients and future clientele love before and after pictures, they also love seeing the artists behind the hair! Taking pictures of your stylists and sharing them to social humanizes your business and makes your salon more relatable. You can also feature your stylists in client photos, as well.


8. Action Shots

If you want to give your clients and social media following a behind-the-scenes look at your salon, what better way to include photos of your stylists in action! These shots serve as great organic content that can be posted anytime! Take a photo of your stylist using texture hair products for a dynamic shot.

9. Photos That Showcase Your Services

Along with action shots, it’s important to get photography that shows your stylists performing the services you are most proud of. Posting these photos highlights what your salon has to offer.


Your social media is going to be growing and reaching new clients in no time. Every business is different, so your company needs to put your own, personal spin on content creation.


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