How to Do Space Buns


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Festival season is approaching fast, and for many, space buns hit the festival sweet spot: cute, playful, obscure and otherworldly. But what really makes them so perfect for the festival scene (not to mention almost any other scene)?

Space buns are super versatile! Along with this, space buns are easy to achieve and they hold up no matter how long you have them in for or what you do. Easy maintenance is especially important when it comes to the festival setting, but it never hurts to have fun and know that your hairstyle will hold up! Before creating space buns, though, you’ll need to know what kind of space buns you’re looking to create and what sort of professional hair styling products will perfect the look. But don’t worry! We have you covered with this helpful guide on how to achieve a trendy space bun look.

Classic Space Buns

Classic space buns are full of personality ⁠— which means they’re perfect for the curliest of locks or the straightest of strands, the brightest of blondes and deepest of blacks, and so on. There’s no wrong model or hair type for this hairstyle because there is one simple way to make it work on everyone:

  • Part dry hair directly down the center to create two even sections on either side.
  • Spread a sculpting or smoothing product (hair type dependent) along the roots with hands to keep frizz and flyaways down, and then brush the product in to soften.
  • Gather each section into a small, high bun. There is no proper height or placement, so we suggest playing with them a bit to find a position that flatters the face most! If you’re working with intense natural curls, be sure to twist or braid the ends a bit before you bun to make it a little easier to coil and tie!
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  • Once you’ve created a set of space buns you’re happy with, secure them (extra) with bobby pins.
  • If you have thin or fine hair, finish each bun off by giving it a gentle tightening tug to spread it out and give it the illusion of being thick and full.

Don’t forget that with classic space buns, you can opt for a half-up half-down look as well by only using the top layers of hair to create even tinier buns!

Low Space Buns

Low space buns can be as subtle and serious as they can be pretty and playful. They will help keep your hair out of the face while being styled at a level that’s complementary to most face shapes. As if all of that wasn’t enough, even those with short hairstyles tend to be able to get their hair into tight low space buns with the help of a killer salon hairspray! To do so:

  • Part dry hair directly down the center to create two even sections on either side.
  • Comb a smoothing cream or shine serum into the hair to optimize it for this look.
  • Gather each section into low pigtails and secure with hair ties. From here, wrap each pigtail into a tight flat bun and pin flat to secure. As noted above, it’s always a good idea to twist or braid the ends of extremely curly hair before you bun.
  • Tight low space buns are a vibe, but if desired, give them a tug to separate them and create fuller, messier buns. If you’re working with short hair, we recommend against this as it may make the look fall apart. Instead, focus on securing it extra with some quality hairspray.
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Kicking It Up a Notch

Take your look to the next level through the hair styling itself or through accessories. Try creating an interesting part, like a clean zig-zag, or incorporate braids somewhere within the style (like at the back of the head, from the base of the neck up to the classic buns.) You can even use shimmery or colored hairsprays that secure your look while enhancing it!

If you want to opt for accessories to kick your space buns up a notch, there is no lack of options! Mini scrunchies (thanks to the fact that they come in every texture, color and pattern), ribbons, bohemian head chains, jewels, glitter and flower crowns are definite crowd favorites.

If you were unsure about setting a course for space buns before, hopefully these tips have you ready to shoot for the stars! What style will you try next?


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