5 Fun Wedding Ponytail Hairstyles


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  1. Twisted Low Pony: When executed correctly, there’s just something about a low ponytail in a formal setting that exudes class and timelessness. Though this style may seem simple at first, a literal “twist” on this tried and true style is a great option for any wedding, regardless of venue, theme or time of year. To get this look, gather hair into a low ponytail shape and twist hair below the ears once or twice. Secure the style with pins and finish the look with a layer of high-quality salon hairspray to keep the hair in place all day long.
  1. Formal Party Pony: Who doesn’t love a good high ponytail? This one is great for those who have a high-neck wedding gown or are just looking for something fun and fabulous to do with their hair on their wedding day. A traditional “party pony” really means a super high set, spunky ponytail. To make this a bit more formal and wedding-friendly, consider using a few professional hair styling products like texture spray, shine serum and more to achieve the desired look.
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  1. Ponytail with Braid(s): Braids add dimension and texture to any hair look, but it’s important to make them look elegant for a wedding. In this case, a ponytail works as the perfect base style to showcase luxurious, wedding-ready braids. Choose from different options like a few subtle, small braids twisting into the ponytail from the hairline, a French braid that morphs into a voluminous ponytail and more.
  2. Elegant Undone Ponytail: A wedding ponytail doesn’t always have to be sleek and perfect without a strand out of place. Rather, a chic and perfectly imperfect ponytail style can add a bit of texture and dimension to a wedding look. To start, pull all but one small side section of the hair into a ponytail. Once the ponytail is secured with a hairband at the desired height, pull it tight and add volume to the top of the hair by gently pulling up a few sections of hair at the crown area. Take the free-flowing section and wrap it around the ponytail band before securing it with a pin. Finish with a professional texture spray and allow a few strands to fall down, framing the face and creating an effortless wedding ponytail look.
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  1. The Accessorized Pony: A great ponytail needs little to no accompaniment, but a wedding day hairstyle calls for something a bit bolder. Accessorize any kind of wedding ponytail with bride-approved hair accessories like shiny pins, a vintage comb or even hair rhinestones. Make sure to prep the hair with professional texture products to ensure these add-ons stay in place throughout the ceremony and beyond.


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