5 Long Shaggy Hairstyles for Thick Hair


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When it comes to long, thick hair in your chair, it’s all about bringing out the natural beauty in the texture and character in the flow⁠ — and layers are the key. Creating some kind of shape and movement throughout the hair will make it look more healthy. As far as shape and movement go, shaggy is especially sought-after right now! From trends to texturizing techniques, the shag has become a versatile cut. Luckily, no matter your clients’ style or hair type, we can help you both slay it. Discover five long shaggy hairstyles your clients with thick hair will love.

1.     Fierce and Flawless: Wolf Cut

Wolf cuts are a little bit wild, just like the wolf. The look consists of shaggy wavy layers and results in a mix of mullet, curtain bang and big body wave hair aesthetics that instantly add a bit of attitude to any client.

The trademark of this trendy style is tons of volume at the top that tapers toward the bottom, and is topped off with a heavy bang of some sort. The key, though, is creating a look that’s perfectly catered to their hair texture to ensure that it’s easy to tousle and look a little “untamed.”  Even with the perfect cut, though, you may still want to suggest some professional hair styling products like quality texturizers and teach them how to artfully untame their hair with their hands.

2.     Boho Vibes: Minimal Long Choppy Layers

For the client who prefers a low-maintenance cut or has a casual or boho style, adding long piecey layers throughout will break up the bulk and accentuate their aesthetic without doing anything drastic. Blunt-cut pieces are sure to enhance styles like this, and breaking up the bulk is sure to create movement and make their hair feel lighter and healthier⁠ — and that will drastically improve the way that they feel and look! Along with all of that, some simple long layers won’t ruin the client’s ability to throw their hair up or style it as usual.

@schwarzkopfpro.kosova via Instagram powered by Squarelovin
@schwarzkopfpro.kosova via Instagram powered by Squarelovin

3.     Edgy Allure: Trendy Textured Shag with Micro Bang

This is a look that calls for full chunky layers, short and long alike, that frame the face and flatter edgier aesthetics⁠ — without thinning the hair too much! You don’t want the classic tapering that a shag does toward the bottom, but instead, full choppy hair throughout. If you’ve got an extra spunky, modern or alternative client in your chair, consider a micro fringe bang to really hit this look hard!

For hair that is wavy or curly, this is a style that may be better cut dry in order to work more closely with and cater to the natural texture of the hair (making it much easier for your client to style and ultimately wear the look.)

4.     Beautifully Photogenic: Butterfly Cut

This soft and luscious layered haircut is THE style on social media right now, offering a more subtle take on a modern shag than the harsh wolf cut. This is a look that calls for pronounced and playful layers done softly and, because of this, has made it perfect for embracing the feathered Farrah Fawcett style that’s been revived recently as a trend through TikTok. Along with boasting a big list of styling options, this is a cut that offers up an awesome canvas to play with color accents like peekaboo highlights.

Since the butterfly cut has so many layers and removes so much weight, it’s always a good idea to chat with your client about this first and let them know that you’re on the same page in order to avoid the initial alarm and inevitable dread when they see and feel so much hair falling. Instead, they’ll be thankful to know that the deadweight is gone and happy healthy ends that are as long and stronger than ever exist!

5.     An Attitude to Accentuate: Long Modern Mullet

The modern mullet, no matter the length, is a way to unmute your clients’ personalities and let them truly showcase their style to the world⁠ — because let’s face it, this is a look that doesn’t suit just any style or personality! This is an aesthetic that needs an attitude to truly accentuate it.

The modern twist on this style is seen by replacing the short fringe, short sides and long wispy length at the back with a gradient that’s much more character-filled. The short fringe is still a crowd favorite, but done choppier, shorter and potentially shaped more obscure than before. The sides are shaggier and less dramatic (often flipped forward onto the cheekbones in a contour or French-girl bob style), making it infinitely more wearable and customizable.

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Remember to Help Them Keep It Shaggy…Not Shabby!

A lot of the trending styles we’ve suggested use slightly harsher cutting techniques or are commonly done in combination with bleaching (to achieve icy blonde highlights or bright colors.⁠) If this is the case with your client, don’t forget to show them the best professional hair care products to maintain color and repair damage before they leave!



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