Styling a Wolf Cut on Curly Hair: 10 Tips for Stylists


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What’s the latest hair trend to take the world by storm? No surprise here that the wolf cut is the star of the show this year. While this haircut and its name are an entirely new style, the look has roots that trace back to the ’60s and ’70s. This haircut looks incredible on naturally curly and wavy textured hair as volume and texture bring this style to life.

When it comes to cutting curly hair — whether it be to achieve the wolf style or any other trend — it takes precision and attention to detail to ensure your client gets the look they love. Curls and waves need to be handled with care. And since you’ll probably be seeing a lot of curly-haired clients this season who want the wolf cut, you will want to read this article.

Not only will we share expert advice about styling a wolf cut on curly hair and using texture hair products, but we will also talk about how the wolf cut style rose to prominence.

What Is a Wolf Cut?

The wolf cut is Gen Z’s answer to a mullet. The new hairstyle combines a jagged shag with a mullet style, giving those who wear it long layers in front with a tapered look in the back. The style is supposed to give a wild and untamed look with long choppy layers and volume. The look has risen to prominence as an androgynous or gender-neutral style as many young adults are rebelling against gender norms — including the ones that dictate hairstyles. Since it can be worn with any kind of hair texture, it’s grown popular among many wearers.

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Tips for Styling a Wolf Cut on Curly Hair

Whether your client has naturally curly hair, or you will be perming the hair using Zotos professional products, here are some tips to consider when giving your client a wolf cut.


  1. Offer a Consultation

It’s always essential to start on the same page with your client. Offering a consultation before the service allows you to learn about the history of your client’s hair, their concerns and their goals and wishes for the hairstyle they want. Not only does this make your job easier, but it will help your client feel more confident in you.

  1. Start with Wet Hair

Before you begin sectioning the hair, it may help to start with wet hair.

  1. Section Hair

To make sure you’re creating the ideal wolf cut on curly hair, you should create a diamond section around the top of the head. You will be working in one-inch sections around the head.

  1. Finger Curl or Twist Hair

As you begin to section one-inch pieces, twist the hair with a gel or without product to create a curl. You can do this around the head to create sections ahead of time or work as you make your way through the hair.

  1. Cut Center Sections

You’re going to start with the two front center sections and measure down to where you want the shortest part of the hair to fall. We recommend having the hair fall down to the nose. Identify where you will begin back-cutting the section to create texture.

  1. Cut the Rest of the Hair

As you move on from the center sections, you will move through the rest of the head. Each section needs to be cut longer than the last section to create a cascading look. Make sure to back cut the hair to create texture.


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  1. Cut the Top Section of the Hair

After finishing the perimeter cut of the hair, make sure the top diamond section of the hair is twisted and then you will begin back cutting. We recommend starting an inch down from the end of the hair.

  1. Apply Texture Products

After you have finished cutting the hair, apply curly hair or texture products to help define the curls.

  1. Diffuse

After applying products, diffuse the hair softly to boost the curls.

  1. Style the Hair

Apply an anti-frizz serum to the hair and part it down the middle to bring the wolf cut to life!


Now you will be able to give your curly-haired clients the wolf cut of their dreams! Some stylists may have different ways to approach this style. The most important objective of the haircut is to create texture and volume with choppy, thick layers on top and tapered hair throughout the back.


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