15 Medium-Length Layered Haircuts Ideas


Image of a woman with Medium-Length Layered Haircut

15 Medium-Length Layered Haircuts Your Clients Will Love

Do some of your clients have medium-length hair and are looking for a way to give their hair more dimension and volume? If so, suggesting a layered look may be a game-changer. Whether you’re wondering how to style layered hair or looking for inspiration for more medium-length layered haircuts, you will want to keep reading.

There are many ways to style medium-length layered hair, which makes this a popular, requested style and haircut among clients. Aside from this style looking incredible on everyone, it also gives clients with shorter hair the ability to participate in trendy hairstyles and get more dimension and volume. We also love using the layering technique on all kinds of hairstyles to create a unique look.

So, are you ready for some major medium-length layered haircut inspiration? Your clients are going to love your recommendations.

1. Curly Layered Bob

Adding layers can create dimension and give your client a handful of new styling possibilities if you have a client with textured or curly hair. If your client has long and curly hair but wants a more manageable look, you could suggest chopping the hair to a bob and adding layers.

2. Layered Low Bob

For the clients who want a short look, but don’t want to commit to a bob fully, you could suggest a layered low bob. This style is a little longer than the regular bob, but the layers will give this look some volume and dimension — especially when waves or curls are added in.

3. Mid-Length Sliced Ends

If your client wants a more subtle layered look, try a sliced bob look with choppy ends.

4. Textured Bob

If you have a client who wants to add more volume to their thinner, shorter hair, a textured bob with layers is the perfect way to achieve more dimension. Whether your client wants to straighten their hair or curl it, layers will allow them to create a textured look that adds volume. Try using texture hair products to give your client’s bob volume and dimension.


Photo of a woman with medium layers
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5. Sleek Shoulder-Length Layers

If your client wants straight, sleek hair, but also wants dimension and layers, this is the look for them.

6. Graduated Choppy Bob

Does your client have a graduated bob? If so, you can still create layers with this style. Or, perhaps, your client wants a graduated bob with layers. Either way, layers can really help your client make this look their own. Make sure to show them how to style this look using professional hair styling products to get volume and dimension every time.

7. Messy Low Bob with Bangs

Layered hair with bangs is a really popular and trendy style today. Usually, clients will ask for some kind of bangs with layers. A messy low bob looks amazing with curtain bangs. To get the look, you’ll need to show your clients how to style their low bob with layers to create that messy effect so they can recreate it at home.

8. Shaggy Medium-Length Hair

We can’t go without mentioning shaggy layers and how incredible they look on clients with medium-length hair.

9. Bob with Swoopy Layers

Clients with shorter hair can absolutely have swoopy layers, too! If your client has straight hair, we recommend going with swoopy layers for the bob style.

10. Flipped Up Layers

You may have clients who want layers that lend themselves well to being curled up or down. This is the style to try to achieve this look.


Photo of a woman with layered hairstyle
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11. Feathered Layers

If your client wants swoopy layers that mesh well with the rest of their hair, recommend feathered layers. This style is so beautiful and looks incredible with a blow out.

12. Blunt Bangs with Choppy Layers

For clients who want bolder bangs than the curtain style, you could always suggest blunt bangs with choppy layers. This style is edgy and fun.

13. Uneven Messy Layers

If your clients like to toss their hair from side to side throughout the day, frequently changing their part, uneven messy layers will look incredible on them. The face-framing layers are shorter with other longer layers that can be styled in any way for an effortlessly, beautiful look.

14. Two-Layer Cut

You could either give your client multiple layers or just give your client two layers for a simpler look.

15. Shoulder Length Layers

If your client wants hair that’s a little longer, go for a shoulder-length cut with layers throughout.

Are you looking forward to offering your clients these trendy and unique hairstyles? It’s always fun to see the look on your client’s face when you give them a new hairstyle that they love. Try sharing one of these medium-length hairstyles with your clientele today!


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