2022 Summer Hair Color Ideas


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2022 Summer Hair Color Ideas

 The start of summer signifies a change in seasons, warmer weather and the coming of exciting and festive seasonal activities that largely take place outdoors. It is for these reasons and more that many clients choose to change their hair color. In the same way that darker shades of professional hair color are more popular and fitting for the fall and winter months, lighter and brighter shades gain popularity during the spring and summer seasons. However, the decision involves more than just choosing between dark and light shades. Here are a few color ideas for a new hair look this summer!

Nectar Blonde: This rich, honey-inspired hair color is one of the year’s hottest color trends, and for good reason. Nectar blonde hair is a different take on blonde hair and a breath of fresh summer air. The look is vibrant and summery, though it’s a bit darker and richer than traditional platinum blonde hair. The color is a mix of rich, golden blonde shades and creamy vanilla and beige highlights. Stylists should consider recommending this buttery, natural-looking blonde hair color to clients looking for a manageable and breezy blonde look.

Brunette and Babylights: Blonde hair is not for everyone, and it’s certainly not the only hair color that’s good for summer. With so many brunette color trends popping up as of late, summer-inspired brunette hair is bound to be a stylish and highly sought-after look for the summer. A summer brunette shade might be a light mocha, shiny caramel or any other hue that embodies the lightness and brightness of summer. Use a salon developer and high lift color to add in a few golden honey babylights to maximize shine and dimension!

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Playful Pastels: Summer is the perfect time to try out a bold, creative hair color. From the beach and the pool to music festivals and summer travels, a bright pop of color makes a stylish statement anywhere. Stylists who specialize in color should familiarize themselves with the year’s creative color trends, including how to create pretty pastel hair looks. Cotton candy pink, pale blue and dreamy lilac shades are some of the most popular, though pastel looks are only limited by the imagination.

These looks require touch ups and special care to keep the color looking lustrous and healthy, so stylists should recommend professional shampoo options and other hair products that will preserve the unique color.


Bright and Blonde: This summer’s best hair color trends represent cool, creative color combinations as well as a few tried and true shades. A bright bombshell blonde look is always a great option for summer and embodies the best parts of the season. Bright blonde looks range from traditional gold bombshell blonde locks to even lighter platinum blonde looks, which utilize cool and even icy tones.

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When deciding on a light blonde look, stylists should consider their client’s complexion and make recommendations based on their skin tone. This way, the resulting look will bring a halo of lightness to the face instead of washing it out. To avoid brassiness or toning issues, stylists should make sure to use a professional purple shampoo in the salon and recommend one to their clients for post salon use.


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