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7 Best Paint Colors for a Small Salon


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7 Best Paint Colors for a Small Salon

Do you have a small salon that you would like to make look and feel larger? If so, we may have some design and decor hacks in store for you. But before you get ready to renovate your salon and shop for salon supplies online, what if we told you that you might be able to make your space look and feel bigger with a fresh coat of paint?

There are many ways to create depth, height and the illusion of having more space with color and paint — especially in your small salon. Keep reading this article to find out how to use paint to your advantage to create the salon of your dreams!

Best Paint Colors for a Small Salon

Something as simple as a fresh coat of the right paint color can drastically change the look and feel of your salon. So, if you’re feeling claustrophobic and like it’s time for a salon facelift, consider one of these colors to help you bring vibrancy to your salon.

1.Stark White – No surprise here that white is at the top of our list, but that’s because white is versatile and easy to pair and match with any aesthetic and interior style. Having white walls can also make your salon appear larger. However, for white to make your salon look bigger, you need tons of natural light pouring into your salon. If you rely on artificial lights, white may not be the best color for your salon. In addition to having lighter and brighter colors on the walls of your salon, you can paint the ceiling and floors a brighter color to lengthen the appearance of the salon. Lighter colors on the floors and ceiling will make your salon look larger.

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2. Blush – Give your walls some life with blush, pink-colored paint. This color will make your salon look more spacious, and this unique hue will give your salon a unique and inviting look.
3. Black – Technically, black tends to shrink the look of things. However, if your salon doesn’t get a lot of natural light, painting your walls black will give you a unique look, and it will make the space feel luxurious. Remember — you can always paint the floors and the ceiling brighter and lighter colors to give the illusion of having more space.
4. Gray – For a more laid-back and neutral vibe, gray walls will look great in your salon and help you create a larger, more inviting space. Plus, gray walls are easy to decorate around.
5. Navy – If you love the idea of a darker color for your salon, the navy may give you that larger salon feel while still incorporating a sense of luxury — similar to black paint.
6. Pastels – Pastel pinks, blues and greens can make your salon pop while also making it look more spacious than it is.
7. Taupe and Beige – Other light colors that will give you the illusion of more space are taupe or beige. Close to white, these colors have the same benefits and effects. However, these colors aren’t as harsh as white, which will allow you to have a more natural-looking space that’s easy to decorate.

Salon Decor Hacks to Make Your Space Look Larger
With a small space, we realize that there may be some real space restrictions in your current salon. If that’s the case — and you want to maximize the space in your salon or make your floor plan appear larger — here are some of our best salon storage ideas.


  • Use floating wall shelves for products or supplies to maximize floor space.
  • Invest in salon stations with built-in storage.
  • Avoid large cabinets that take up too much floor space.
  • Invest in double-sided salon stations.
  • Let in the natural light, so it can bounce off the walls and make the space look larger.
  • Strategically place mirrors in the salon to make the salon look bigger.
  • Keep clutter and random decor to a minimum.
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Which paint colors have you feeling excited to give your salon a facelift? Of course, paint won’t be able to give you more space to work — especially if your salon is rapidly growing. However, if you are comfortable in your small space now, but just wish it felt bigger, these paint colors and design hacks can provide you temporary relief.



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