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8 Efficient Salon Storage Ideas


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8 Neat and Efficient Salon Storage Ideas

Are you ready to get your salon into tip-top shape? As a salon owner or stylist, you know just how messy and disorganized salons can get and what that means for your people and clients. And what makes matters worse is not having proper storage to keep your salon organized. No client wants to walk into a messy and chaotic space and stylists and staff can’t work efficiently if their salon station or area is unorganized.

Whether your salon already has an organization strategy when it comes to its storage and you’re looking for unique ways to stay clutter-free or your space is in need of some major tender love and care, this post is for you. Improved storage is a great way to keep your business growing and your people happy and thriving.

We are going to share efficient storage ideas that help your salon stay organized and stocked! Not only will these ideas help you with your storage goals, but these techniques can also add personality and visual emphasis to your space.

Neat and Efficient Salon Storage Ideas

Not only will these efficient storage ideas streamline your salon, but they will also look great in any salon space.


1. Salon Stations with Built-In Storage

If your salon has a smaller or more confined layout, you may want to make your salon stations dual purpose by shopping for furniture that has built-in storage. From cabinets to shelves, these salon stations allow you to feature retail products, hold hot tools and store towels so that your stylists always have what they need on hand. Organizing hair salon supplies just got a whole lot easier with these salon stations.


2. Floating Wall Shelves for Retail Products and Towels

Speaking of saving space, floating wall shelves are a great way to boost organization and storage opportunities while also making your salon look great. We love the idea of using floating wall shelves to showcase retail products, hair salon accessories and more. If you have a lot of open wall space, consider leveraging this efficient storage technique.


3. Wall Organization and Storage for Closets

What do your closets that hold all of your inventory look like right now? Are they a scattered mess or could the organization be improved? If so, try building in or installing wall organization and storage. For example, you could install cubbies that neatly hold all of your professional hair colors and supplies. This will not only optimize your closets, but it will make keeping track of inventory easier.

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4. Salon Trolleys and Carts

For stylists who are on the go and need portable storage, we highly recommend trolleys and carts. You can customize these trolleys and carts to fit your salon’s aesthetic for a nice-looking touch. These are great options for storage because they can move, they don’t take up too much space and they are convenient for your stylists to use.

5. Salon Station Organizers

Keep salon stations looking clean and organized with cubbies or organizers so that your stylists can easily store and access their tools. Creating an organized storage area at your salon station will also help your salon be more streamlined.


6. Reception Area Organization

Your receptionists have to manage a lot of moving parts, which is why the reception area should be highly-organized with lots of storage. Keep files, pens and other accessories stored in cubbies under the reception desk.


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7. Backwash Product Storage

When it comes to storage for your shampooing area, you have to be strategic. A lot of chemicals, products and water can not only damage or warp shelves and storage, but it could compromise your products. We suggest using wall storage that is placed well above the shampooing station, while still being accessible to your staff. Wall shelves work perfectly for the backwash station because you can place and move the shelves to fit your needs.


8. Hot Tools Organizer

Display and store your hot tools with an organizer designed specifically for hot tools. This not only allows your stylists to easily access their hot tools, but it’s also a great way to display them. Many salon equipment stores feature in-drawer organizes to help stylists hide power cords and maintain a neat station. Additionally, having a hot tools organizer that hides cords removes tripping hazards for both stylists and their clients.


We hope you have found some inspiration on ways to create clean and organized storage in your salon that works for you and your people.



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