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What Is a Salon Suite?


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As a passionate hairstylist with a vision of running your own salon, you’ve likely encountered the exciting yet challenging management of startup costs. Opening a traditional brick-and-mortar salon requires investing money on a location, furnishings and ongoing operational expenses. However, a lesser-known, budget-friendly option has been gaining popularity among ambitious stylists: the salon suite.
So, what is a salon suite? Let’s look at the concept of a salon suite, explore its benefits and the average cost to start one.

What Is a Salon Suite?

A salon suite, also known as a studio salon or individual salon, is a private space designed to accommodate a single stylist or a small team of beauty professionals. These suites are typically located within a larger commercial property that houses multiple salons. Each stylist operates their business independently and has the freedom to create a personalized salon environment and offer services of their choosing.

The Benefits of Opting for a Salon Suite


How much does it cost to start a salon? It depends, but a delightful alternative gaining popularity among stylists is the salon suite option.

One of the primary perks of a salon suite is its affordability compared to establishing a full-fledged salon. Traditional salons can require a significant upfront investment. With a salon suite, you can achieve your dream of owning a salon with reasonable and manageable costs.

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Salon suites offer a blank canvas where you can design a space that reflects your brand and style. From the overall ambiance to the color scheme, you have complete control over your suite’s aesthetics.


As a salon suite owner, you have the flexibility to set your own hours and determine what services you want to offer. This level of autonomy empowers you to align your business with your passions and cater to a specific niche within the hair care industry.

Client-Centric Experience

Since your suite is private, your clients can enjoy a more intimate and personalized experience. This builds a stronger sense of trust and loyalty, ultimately benefiting your reputation and business growth.

Networking Opportunities

Despite having your private space, being part of a larger salon establishment provides networking opportunities. You can collaborate with other beauty professionals, exchange knowledge and cross-refer clients, creating a supportive and profitable environment.

Calculating the Cost of Starting a Salon Suite

Now that you know the perks of a salon suite, you might want to start your own. Before you dive in, though, you need to assess the potential costs. Keep in mind that the costs vary based on your location, the size of the suite and your individual preferences. Below are some key expenses to consider:

Rent and Utilities

Your most significant expense will likely be the monthly rent for your suite. Additionally, you’ll need to account for utility costs, such as electricity, water and internet.

Furnishings and Decor

Since you have the creative freedom to design your suite, you’ll need to budget for furniture, equipment and decorative elements that align with your vision. Seek cost-effective and functional solutions to stay within your budget.

Licensing and Permits

Ensure you have the licenses and permits to legally operate as a professional stylist. The costs associated with obtaining these credentials may vary depending on your location and the type of services you plan to offer. Do your homework in advance to avoid problems when you’re ready to open.

Professional Hair Care Products

The quality of your services heavily relies on the hair care products you use, so you definitely don’t want to cheap out. However, this doesn’t mean you have to splurge on expensive products. Find a hair supply store that offers high-quality products at reasonable prices, like SALONORY.

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Create a Space You and Your Clients Will Love

A salon suite can be a cost-effective and rewarding path for hairstylists dreaming of owning a salon. With the freedom to personalize your space, the flexibility to set your schedule and the chance to offer clients an exclusive experience, a salon suite allows you to establish a thriving business on a budget.

As you begin this exciting journey, carefully plan your startup costs, and find a reputable supplier that provides high-quality products at reasonable prices. Embrace this unique opportunity to showcase your skills, build your brand and make your mark in the dynamic world of hair care.



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