5 Boho Bridal Hair Ideas


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Planning a wedding is a chance for one person and their partner to create both a ceremony and celebration filled with their favorite things, as well as values or ideas that are meaningful to them. For the bride, in particular, the wedding is an opportunity to show off her personal style and create a memorable look for her big day. Bohemian style serves as a popular source of inspiration for modern weddings for those who wish to incorporate vintage, rustic and natural elements into their overall wedding theme. Though boho weddings tend to incorporate the theme through floral arrangements, decorations, bridal party outfits and invitations, the bride’s hair also commonly reflects bohemian style. Here are a few beautiful boho bridal hair ideas to share with your clients for wedding inspiration and consideration.

  1. Natural, Wavy Locks: Perhaps the most iconic of all boho bridal hair looks, luxurious waves are the perfect way to get a great boho look without dealing with an updo. The boho theme is communicated in a subtle, natural way with this style, especially if the bride has long hair.

To get these boho-inspired waves, start by curling the hair with a wide barrel curling iron. When each section of the hair has been curled, brush through or vigorously shake out the hair and allow it to fall into relaxed waves. Once the curls have fallen to the ideal wave type, use professional hair styling products like texture spray and a working hairspray to keep the waves in place without sacrificing softness or shine.

  1. Boho Finger Waves: If a more structured wavy look is the goal, consider finger waves, a vintage-inspired hairstyle that is both sleek and timeless. It’s easy to learn how to do finger waves as a bold and beautiful hairstyle for the wedding, rehearsal dinner or any other wedding-related event. The key with finger waves is making sure to set the look so it stays in place. After creating the waves and pinning them in place, don’t forget to use a strong hairspray!
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  1. Inspired Accessories: Adding hair accessories is a fun and creative way to make any wedding look even more unique. Even though flower crowns tend to be the most popular boho bridal hair accessory, adding a boho-inspired hat or hair piece could be absolutely perfect for those not so girly brides or those simply looking to incorporate different elements. For hats, consider a wide brim option in a shade that harmonizes with the overall wedding color scheme. Other boho-chic options include vintage combs, oversized pins and beaded headbands.
  2. Undone Bun: Boho style is about embracing quirks, natural elements and imperfections. These are all portrayed in a perfectly undone bridal bun, which aims to create a nature-inspired and refreshingly imperfect updo. This type of bun works well on an array of different hair types and lengths, making it a great hair theme for bridesmaids, too. Remember that a few loose strands are encouraged and minimal product use is best.
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  1. Boho Braids: Braided hair is another common hair element within the boho wedding world. The trend features many different kinds of braids, too, including textured fishtail braids, crown braid styles and smaller intricate braids with wavy or curly looks as well. In an effort to remain true to the boho theme, make use of sea salt spray and other professional texture hair products to get the look.



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