Champagne Blonde vs. Ash Blonde: What’s the Difference?


Have you heard the blonde buzzwords champagne blonde and ash blonde? These two similar but different hairstyles and colors have been popular trends embraced by blondes and brunettes. Whether you’re a stylist hoping to get a better idea of the two colors and understand the difference so you can educate your clients and other peer stylists or you’re a client looking for hair inspiration, you have come to the right place.

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about champagne and ash blonde to help you decide which style is right for you and share some important characteristics that set these two styles apart.

What Is Champagne Blonde Hair?

Imagine creating highlights that resemble champagne by using a professional hair lightener. Champagne can range in color and depth, and so can this hairstyle. Champagne blonde is more of a warmer hair color. Hairstylists can mix golden blonde highlights with a wash of pink professional hair color to give the hair a pale but warm look. Champagne blonde hair is multidimensional, and because of the addition of pink, it’s a unique take on the typical blonde highlights. Depending on the client’s base hair color or their desired look, the champagne blonde hairstyle is adaptable, and there are several different ways a stylist can accomplish this look. From deeper blonde tones to platinum babylights, these blondes lend themselves to the champagne hair color trend.

What Is Ash Blonde Hair?

When we think about ash blonde hair, we think of grays and icier blonde tones. Ash blonde hair is a cool-tone style that can range from gray to dark blonde. When creating this look, hairstylists will weave together silver, gray and icy white blonde to create a cool and edgy look. Similar to the champagne blonde hairstyle, there are many different ways to accomplish this color.

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What are the major differences between Champagne and Ash Blonde?

You may notice a few differences between these two trendy blonde styles, but let’s dive into how they differ:

  • Tone – One big way that these two styles differ is their tone. Champagne blonde is a warmer tone, while ash blonde is a cool and icy tone.
  • Base or Root Color – For clients who want a champagne blonde color, you may notice that they will want to keep their roots closer to their natural hair color in order to have it mesh well with their champagne style. On the contrary, those who choose to embrace the ash blonde hairstyle may opt for a shadow root, which can be two shades darker than the client’s original hair color.
  • Colors – The champagne blonde hairstyle usually prioritizes a pink wash of color that’s subtle but gives this style its signature champagne look. On the other hand, ash blonde hair typically requires a purple or blue wash in order to maintain the icy and cool feel.
  • Upkeep – After a client leaves the salon, washes their hair and uses heat styling tools, the client’s hair color will naturally fade, and blonde highlights may take on a color of their own. While warmer tones like pink and red fade much faster than cooler tones, ash blonde hair requires intense upkeep to maintain the icy tone. Since the champagne hairstyle is a warmer look, it will be less maintenance in the long run because the client probably prefers a more natural style of blonde. For clients with cool toned or ash blonde hair, they may need to maintain the cooler tone with blue or purple shampoo on a weekly basis to mitigate the blonde turning a more natural yellow.
  • Season – While we think that both of these styles can be worn during any season, year-round, clients will naturally gravitate towards these styles during different seasons. For example, since the ash blonde style is cooler-toned, clients may be more open to embracing this style during the fall and winter months. Whereas the warmth of the champagne blonde style makes it perfect for warmer summer months. Sure, clients can pull off cool-tone hair during warm months and vice versa, but these are usually the trends we see.


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So, which hair color stands out to you more? If you’re a stylist, do you think that your clients will like the champagne blonde or ash blonde trend more? Either way, both of these styles look great on everyone and truly give clients a range of options when it comes to going blonde.