4 Half Up, Half Down Wedding Hairstyles


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Half up, half down wedding hairstyles have stood the test of time and even evolved with it — and being one of the most versatile, flattering, romantic and sophisticated hairstyles around, it’s easy to see why!

Whether the bride-to-be is aiming for a timeless aesthetic to suit a classic ceremony or the guest is opting for a trendy aesthetic to match a boho beach wedding, there’s a half up, half down hairdo to suit any style! Along with sharing some of our favorite ones, below you’ll find suggestions on salon hair styling products to perfect each look, hair accessories to complete each look and recommended hair types for each look!

Before the Styling Begins

Because half up, half down hairstyles require a bit of body and volume and probably some face-framing tendrils, you’ll want to start each and every one of these styles by washing the hair and applying the appropriate salon hair care products to damp hair. From here, you’ll want to incorporate a heat-protectant product and blow dry the hair according to the desired outcome. Use hot tools like curling irons or flat irons to finish creating the desired texture and then gently brush through.

By doing this, you can guarantee the bride-to-be’s hair will have the volume, clean roots, smooth and shiny strands and ability to hold that it needs!

1.     Relaxed and Romantic

For brides who want to achieve a relaxed and romantic look, loose waves are the perfect choice — and pinning half of them up and away from the face into a loosely piled bun will only serve to amplify the feeling. The more of this soft, relaxed and romantic feeling you want, the bigger and less uniform the bun should be (which ends up looking much more lived-in and like all of those loose waves have fallen naturally and beautifully out of a big loose bun).


This hairstyle will work well on both long and medium-length hair, and while a bit of a natural wave is nice, it can be created on almost any hair type and hold up with the help of the right products. Because volume and sleekness are sought-after characteristics of this look, though, volumizing and smoothing products are definitely going to be essential!

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2.     Edgy and Enchanting

For brides who want to feel as edgy as they do enchanting, we suggest something more intense in the form of pin-straight hair that features a big fishtail braid (made from the top half of the hair) that runs along the part line! From here, tugging on the sides of the braid will create a fuller and more voluminous look, as well as add more edge to the overall aesthetic!


This hairstyle will work well on both long and medium-length hair and will pair particularly well for those with fine hair, thanks to the braid creating the illusion of more volume! With that said, if you do find yourself working with thin or fine hair to create this look, it’s important to also embrace products that will help add body, volume and texture to hair. Be sure to stock up on texture hair products to enhance this look!

3.     Refined and Regal

Braided half up, half down hairstyles are in abundance because they work well with all types of hair and all types of braids — from the French braid to the Fishtail braid — can be incorporated in different ways. For the most refined, feminine and royal of them all, we suggest creating a Dutch or French braid around the crown of the head, starting from one ear and going all the way around to the other before securing with pins. From underneath this large crown braid, let the rest of the hair fall down freely.

This is a style that will look amazing on almost any length of hair and any type of hair but will be an especially great way to add some extra texture and dimension to flatter hair (whether it be flatter in terms of texture, shine or otherwise).

4.     Simple and Sophisticated

For brides who want to add a touch of elegance and glamour to their wedding aesthetic, half of the hair can be pulled away from the face in twists. Similar to basic braided half up, half down hairstyles, twists can be created by taking small sections of hair from each side of the head and securing at the back of the head with pins.

This style works well with all types of hair, but we love it especially on shorter, curlier strands! When working with these shorter, curlier strands, we tend to embrace quality creams to define curls and a good salon hairspray to keep curls in place and keep twists from unraveling before their time!

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Amplifying Any Half Up, Half Down Hairstyle

While each of the half up, half down hairstyles above are completely unique and encompass their own essence, the similarities that come from only securing the top section of hair extend to accessorizing! Pieces like the ones below were meant for half up, half down hairstyles, so no matter which one you’ve chosen, consider amplifying the look with:


  • Veils
  • Flower crowns
  • Headbands
  • Individual flowers and greenery
  • Hair jewels
  • Braid charms
  • Dangly earrings

It’s All in the Style(ist)

The half up, half down hairstyle is a beautiful and versatile choice for any wedding. Combined with a good stylist, this is a look that will allow a bride to showcase her hair as much as her face, stay in place no matter how much fun she has and can create whatever vibe and aesthetic she’s aiming for!


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